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Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses the US “democracy building” institutions contributing to the protests in Syria; whether the US government deserves credit for the Arab Spring by playing both sides – minimally funding opposition groups while massively funding dictators; John McCain’s return trip to Libya, this time on the rebel side; the competing factions that make a unified foreign policy based on national interest impossible; summing up Syria policy as “what’s best for Israel;” and how Libya is becoming a Balkan-style quagmire.

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Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and executive director of the Council for the National Interest. He writes regularly for

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  1. The U.S. Government's "policy" in the Middle East is characterized by colossal hypocrisy and unstinting support for Israel. The U.S. doesn't give a rat's ass for "freedom" in the Middle East. It only worries about keeping America's satraps in power–and, of course, handing over the store to Israel.

    When NuttyYahoo comes here to address Knesset West–er, the U.S. Congress next month, he'll no doubt be in fine form. He'll lay down the law to the Israel-Firsters.

  2. When in consideration of US/Israel relations, doesn't anyone remember the USS Liberty? In 1968 Israeli Naval and Air forces attacked a unarmed, US-intelligence gathering ship. As the crew struggled in life jackets to survive, Israeli pilots then proceeded to straffe them in the water. The never-diligent, always derelict US Congress has failed to investigate this and other anti-American acts, operations and or policies by Israel.
    When do we awake from our slumber and change this one-way policy??? The major bone of contention among Muslims worldwide is the Israeli's brutal treatment of the Palestinians. Do we really wish for peace in the Islamic world? If we do, then we must reconfigure our relationship, aid and policies with Tel Aviv.

    1. The attack on the USS Liberty was deliberate by Israel – it was Lyndon Johnson and Admiral McCain (John McCain's father) who covered up that vicious attack by Israel – Israel, which is really our ONLY enemy in the Middle East.
      US / Israel policy in the Middle East is to destroy every Arab country as we did to Iraq and also to destroy Iran.
      Most members of the US Congress are TRAITORS to America as their ONLY loyalty is to Israel – TRAITORS such as John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Lindsey Graham, for example!

  3. The main reason most people in the World hate Americans is that they are so evil, stupid and crazy. They say that for every terrorist they kill by drone attacks they kill 50 kids and old people. And in night-raids in Afghanistan they kill some and kidnap others. All the time. Fallujah is worse than Hiroshima. There is a Devil after all. It´s called United Bluff, better known as The Great Satan, USA.
    The Nazis were nice people compared to the evil, stupid, crazy Americans. You know, what Seymour Hersh reported about their gruesome behaviour in Iraq. Even SS and Gestapo never could have done that. It was videofilmed. Who ordered it and who participated ? They should all be in jail till they die.

  4. there would be a nuclear attack in the US to blame on Iran if we ever brought all of our troops home and stop being israel's attack dog, it may happen regardless

  5. Syria's Muslim Brotherhood accused the regime of President Bashar al-Assad on Friday of carrying out genocide in the country and called on citizens not to yield to tyrants.
    "Every Syrian citizen knows that the regime is perpetrating genocide on Syrian territory, which is targeting the desire for emancipation expressed by the revolt of young patriots aspiring to liberty and dignity," the group said in a statement obtained by AFP.
    "God created you free; do not let the tyrants keep you in slavery," the statement added. "Cry with one voice for liberty and dignity."

    Above are the words said by Muslim Brotherhood whom hade a meeting with Hillary Clinton in Egypt.., later she hade a meeting with Libyan Council in Paris. Part of this Council is former Libyan generals and other part is the Muslim Brotherhood in cooperation with Jihadist, and other Islamist terrorists groups like Al Qaeda and others from Afghanistan who fought Russian occupation of Afghanistan.., by now everyone have read a line or two about them and to a point some even have proved that it is the fact.

    What is interesting here is that they use the wording ”God created you free; do not let the tyrants keep you in slavery and cry with one voice liberty and dignity” .

    If anyone in his or her conscious mined believed the wording then they would understand that it is about Muslim Brotherhood and not the people in Syria nor any other country…, God and then tyrants, liberty and dignity are used by Muslim Brotherhood to fool people.., for simple reason.., Muslim Brotherhood is a fundamentalists Islamic Group.., Liberty for them is based on the Islamic Laws.., is a framed laws in dictatorial terms…, it is not about the peoples freedom nor their liberty nor their dignity.., yet such system would serve the US and EU capitalism system because people have no say and Muslim Brotherhood is as Capitalist as their masters are; therefore, there is no dignity is involved.

    For one: what kind of Liberty we are talking about here.., an Islamic Liberty by being slaves to US and EU while they are the one supporting Muslim Brotherhood creating wars…, second Muslims Brotherhood getting paid and supported by the Saudis and Arab Emirates Tyrants.., so why would they call the Syrian government a tyrant.., for at Muslim Brotherhood itself to become a neo Tyrants in Syria.., third: Muslim Brotherhood have started a war against a legitimate regime of Libya with the support of oppressors themselves US/NATO militarism regimes.., are they doing that because they been told to stop the Iranians influence and therefore they have their own organized Islamic ”uprising” in Syria trying to divide people of all faith in Syria.., which questions the fact if they are not working for Israel then why they are against Libyan and Syrian legitimate governments., if that is the case then they must been promised something by Hillary Clinton.., could that be the East Libya and if they win the war then East Libya as their Islamic Sanctuary is theirs to keep …, fourth: what kind of dignity is it that they are talking about when they have soled their soles to the devil himself .

    From day one these people were supported by Hillary Clinton and Obama, Sarkozi, Cameron, Italian Mafiosi and Swedish government for one and one reason alone.., creation of a Islamic regime in North Africa; furthermore.., we said that these governments as their last resort supporting terrorism groups and trying to divide Libya to East and West where the Muslim brotherhood would have its own Islamic Sanctuary.., George Bush Sr. practice that by giving Afghanistan to Osama Bin Laden and US/NATO were supportive as long as Al Qaueda were fighting the communist regime in Afghanistan and the USSR occupation.., these governments doing it again this time in Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Muslim Brotherhood can use big words.., but when it comes to reality they are as false as US and EU democracy is.

  6. I'm constantly amazed, Scott, at how you and Giraldi talk about Israel's influence in the US but don't mention Israel's major US constituency, the Protestant Fundamentalists! They are the ones who want war in the Middle East, involving a Jewish state, because their future history says that will usher in the Rapture, the Second Coming, etc. They are the major Muslim haters, because Islam is competition.

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