Scott Horton Interviews Andy Worthington

Scott Horton, April 28, 2011

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Andy Worthington, author of The Guantanamo Files, discusses the WikiLeaks Guantanamo documents that provide a window into the inner workings of US detention policy; unreliable witnesses who gave evidence against a great many innocent prisoners; the lack of a screening process to separate farmers, old men and boys from the very few actual terrorist suspects; an analysis of the first 200 released prisoners, many previously unknown; how Charlie Savage and the NYT accepted the three 2006 Gitmo suicides at face value, ignoring (the other) Scott Horton’s investigation; the Democrats in Congress who got no support from Barack “I’m going to close Gitmo” Obama; the Al Jazeera cameraman held and questioned for six years about the inside operations at Al Jazeera; broadening the list of “terrorist organizations” to justify holding certain prisoners; and how the US went from the “rule of law” to “the gloves are off, do what you want, there will be no repercussions.”

MP3 here. (18:19)

Andy Worthington writes regularly for newspapers and websites including the Guardian, Truthout, Cageprisoners, and the Future of Freedom Foundation. He writes occasionally for the Daily Star, Lebanon, the Huffington Post,, CounterPunch, AlterNet, and ZNet. He is the author of The Guantanamo Files and writes an eponymous blog. He directed the documentary movie Outside the Law: Stories From Guantanamo.

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  1. Good solid content and thanx for the interview!

  2. The USA is a banana republic. Obama is worse than Bush. His excuse may be that he has a gun at his back.

  3. Andy: Have you come across a terrorist organzation with 3 million members?
    Scott: The US government…

    Dark, dark comedy.

    Good show!

  4. [...] My 18-minute interview with Scott is available here, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to talk to him, so soon after the news broke, even though I was unable to speak for a whole hour, as planned, because of a second scheduled BBC World Service appearance, as part of a panel discussion with US Conservative commentator, and former government official David Rivkin, former UN Rapporteur on Torture Manfred Nowak and David Leigh of the Guardian. It’s always a pleasure to talk to Scott, because of the indignation that he brings to the crimes of the US government, and this recent appearance was no exception. [...]

  5. great show, hurry back scott we miss you!

  6. It's nice to have the documentation from wikileaks.

    But speaking for myself, nothing has come out yet that I didn't already know or suspect.

  7. [...] the original post here: Andy Worthington Tags: a-window-into · detention-policy · discusses-the · [...]

  8. Great show thanks!

  9. What if this would be exactly as it says?

  10. Very intteresting thanx,

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