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Roi Maor, blogger at, discusses his article “Preeminent Israelis to support Palestinian state, 1967 borders;” the wearing-thin pretend negotiations and “peace talks” that Israel has no interest in; the US and Israel fighting against world opinion on a Palestinian state; the forty four years of occupation and encroaching settlements since the 1967 War; Palestinians who are subject to Israeli government rule yet lack the ability to democratically participate in that government; and the slow ethnic cleansing in East Jerusalem – through denied building permits.

MP3 here. (18:24)

Roi Maor is an activist for social rights and human rights in Israel and Palestine, living in Tel Aviv. He has written several human rights reports and op-eds in ynet, Ha’aretz and the Jerusalem Post. Over the last few years, he has volunteered and worked for several Israeli NGOs, including Yesh Din and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. Currently he works as Director of International Relations in Bimkom – Planners for Human Rights.

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  1. The tale of the neverending peace process. If only the Nazis had created a peace process they might still be stationed in Paris and other European capitals. Americans are not only misinformed on this issue, they are in fact 'digging in' misinformed. I meet Americans every day who actually believe that it is the Palestinians that are occupying Israeli land and that Israel is defending itself against some sinister malevolent force and here we cross into that area of human consciousness/superstition relating to 'Biblical prophecies' and a kind of unconscious-mass consciousness drive to self-destruction that is hidden within the Bible itself, or so it seems to me. Right now as things stand there is no peace alternative. The Palestinians have been driven into a corner and are assaulted daily into submission or retaliation, and of course any retaliation on their part brings down the hammer upon them. Even peaceful resistance is useless if that peaceful resistance itself is depicted as acts of aggression in the media.

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