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Jack Hunter, talk radio host and Charleston newspaper columnist, discusses his (sort of) tongue-in-cheek assertion that John McCain supports Al Qaeda; how a stronger case can be made for an Al Qaeda presence in Libya than in (pre-occupation) Iraq; McCain’s “we’re all Georgians now” maneuvering for war with Russia in 2008, proving he never saw a war he didn’t like; Ron Paul’s announced 2012 presidential run featuring liberty, peace and freedom; and how Paul’s message, formerly dismissed as lunatic rantings, has become part of the mainstream American discussion.

MP3 here. (20:34)

Jack Hunter, a.k.a. the “Southern Avenger“, is a conservative commentator (WTMA 1250 AM talk radio) and columnist (Charleston City Paper) living in Charleston, South Carolina. Check out his YouTube channel.

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  1. John McCain – next to last in his Academy class; a womanizer even before he married; a lousy Navy pilot; many blame him for 'wet startinging' his plane and causing the Forrestal fire; he dumped his wife as soon as he was released as a POW; he lied about his age to his current financially wealthy wife; one of the Keating five – an insane warmonger!
    John McCain – give him credit for having served in the Vietnam War – but – he is one sleazy politician and a very dangerous warmonger!

    1. This is an excellent summary of McInsane's undesirable qualities.

      About the U.S.S. FORRESTAL fire in July 1967: In fairness to McInsane, he had nothing to do with the fire or its origin. A Zuni rocket accidentally fired from an F-4 Phantom and hit a Skyhawk. The resulting fuel leak ignited, which in turn exploded the bombs. McInsane was in the cockpit of his Skyhawk; he got out and managed to escape the flames. See http://navsource.org/archives/02/cv-59/59f-0729.h… for a good account of FORRESTAL's grave emergency. (Note that the skipper of U.S.S. RUPERTUS took his destroyer alongside FORRESTAL to assist in firefighting. Rear Admiral Lanham, USN on board FORRESTAL called it "magnificent seamanship.")

    2. Excellent comment! And I suppose McCain does deserve credit for his service in Vietnam, just as we give credit to Hitler for his service in WWI. Hitler lived through a mustard gas attack and he served honorably. In WWI, that is.
      Hermes Trismegistus

    3. Why would you give him credit for serving in Vietnam? Vietnam was a genocidal war in which people killed innocent kids. I don;t give anyone credit for fighting in these "wars." Please stop defending my freedoms. I don't need you and your kind to kill for me. I know you have to bring meaning to your life somehow and want to command respect for doing something, but, sorry, being a "vet" doesn't cut it for me. Get a life.

  2. Wait wait wait…How long has this guy been a senator? Dude really, i just googled the Keating five and that was back in 1989…we're in freaking 2011… aren't there term limits for these douches. If there aint they sure aught to be.

  3. ….is that a guy can fight in a war, be in a POW camp and be gung-ho for more war as a senior citizen. You would think that wisdom gained from experience and age would temper one's views.

  4. Send the warmongering traitor to Gitmo and break out the old water board. Perhaps, McCain has actionable intelligence that could save American lives. Who knows the extent of McCain's collaberation with Al Qaida, or if he is plotting terrorist attacks against the people of the United States as a pretext for another war in the Middle East?

  5. McCain, one of our great war criminals, bombed, perhaps even napalmed innocent Vietnamese people
    and the stupid American press calls him a hero?? He lied, cried, and spilled his guts at the POW camp
    and the press calls him a hero?? He's trash and should be long gone from government.

  6. After full consideration, I find I echo the thoughts of Donna. McCain is a mean, senile, warmonger, long past his prime in anything. Put him out to pasture. But he’s the Senator from Arizona, and you see who those folks elect.

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