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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses the sparse news coverage on the stalemate in Libya that may lead to partition; NATO’s “no assassination” policy in a conflict where every target can be defined as a military asset; decentralizing power in Yemen, where many provinces have become autonomous; the Saudi-dominated Gulf Cooperation Council troops in Bahrain that are staying for the duration of Shia protests; and the persistence of protesters in Syria, who turn out in ever-greater numbers despite the mortal risk in doing so.

MP3 here. (19:15)

Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com. His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers and other media around the world.

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  1. Remember the halcyon days of yesteryear when for a couple of tens of millions & a CIA ops team, the U.S. could overthrow any 'misbehaving' regime & install the new U.S. puppet.

  2. I seldom listen to the radio, and this time I was appaled by Jason Dietz's talking about talking within talking about Bahrain. In fact, not one pertinent data was given about Bahrain uprising! I will much more carefully evaluate from now on the Antiwar.com editorial, as this seemed bizzare. In fact, in the most roundabout way, Mr. Dietz seemed to point out that the country DID NOT HAVE a martial law, and now has it. Painting a picture of a benevolent society, with the grudges mostly being centered on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. What a misrepresentation of reality! As far as I remember living once in the region, Bahrain always recruited soldiers outside Bahrain. Sunni coreligionists were sought as far away as East Africa and Pakistan. Bottom line, SUPER MAJORITY of population is living in Apartheid conditions. They are citizens without citizen rights. They cannot be employed in the military, government, or police. There are other jobs in the media or education that techically are not banned for Shiia, but the discrimination is there. Which country is brazen enough to formally establish apartheid, and expect to get away with it? Bahrain, of course. And why? Because of the hatred for Iranians, hated is also their religion.

    1. The pressing need for "citizen experts" is the reason we set up Antiwar.com <<——-If you refer to the mission statement of this website. Bianca, I have found some of your other replies informative
      My own two cents, is the fiction the State Department under Clinton/Obama presents to the American people can't be trusted, which is more appalling than any misstep by Jason Ditz (not Dietz)..

    2. I forgot to mention, Pepe Escobar, from the Asia Times, which antiwar often links, does real good on the area. Peace.

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