Steven Greenhut, Gene Berkman and John Seiler


Steven Greenhut, Gene Berkman and John Seiler, friends and coworkers with the late Alan Bock, discuss Alan’s life and legacy; his libertarian roots dating from the late 60s; his advocacy of free market environmentalism; and his consistently good-humored nature – in contrast to the typical cantankerous libertarian – during a writing career dedicated to freedom and anti-interventionism.

MP3 here. (50:21)

Alan Bock was an editorial writer and opinion page editor at the Orange County Register, a longtime columnist for and the author of four books: Ecology Action Guide (1970), The Gospel Life of Hank Williams (1976), Ambush at Ruby Ridge (1995) and Waiting to Inhale: The Politics of Medical Marijuana (2000).

Steven Greenhut is director of the Pacific Research Institute’s Journalism Center and was a deputy editor and columnist for The Orange County Register. He is author of the 2004 book Abuse of Power: How the Government Misuses Eminent Domain.

Gene Berkman owns the legendary Renaissance Books bookstore in Riverside, CA. He helped found the Libertarian Party in California in the early 70s.

John Seiler has been an editorial writer with The Orange County Register for 19 years. He is also is the managing editor of

10 thoughts on “Steven Greenhut, Gene Berkman and John Seiler”

  1. Alan was one of the greatest advocates of freedom of all time….the most consistant advocate of freedom and peace….and was a great and courageous friend to me.

  2. His Grin was a symbol of a happy warrior…a man at peace….but was forceful when defending freedom..always with a smile.

  3. RIP.

    I'm am going to do my best now to be more like Alan. More calm, and not get suckered into bashing on morons no matter how tempting it is. He's right. Seldom do people change their mind when you make them look stupid or get them angry.

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  6. I'm am going to try my hardest now to be more like Alan. More smooth and not get suckered into bashing on blockheads regardless of how enticing it is. He's privilege. Rarely do individuals alter their option when you make them look idiotic or get them furious.

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