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Jeremy Sapienza, Senior Editor at, discusses’s 1995 origin and early opposition to Bill Clinton’s foreign interventions; looking beyond economics and domestic policy to unite a broad coalition devoted to a foreign policy of peace; the quarterly fund drive that helps pay the meager salaries of staffers who basically devote their lives to the website; and a reminder that Randolph Bourne (despite his fancy-sounding name) was a writer who lived a hardscrabble life and died young in 1918, not a billionaire philanthropist bankrolling this website.

MP3 here. (9:25)

Jeremy Sapienza is Assistant Webmaster and Senior Editor at

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  2. I agree but its the same irrationality the US has followed. Israel is a reflection of America, I think in many ways. They've learned to manipulate a Superpower. They can act on the same level with out dealing with any of the responsibilities the US has to deal with. It is a Superpower by proxy if that makes any sense…which makes them much more dangerous then the US.

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