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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses why the Libyan rebels and NATO rejected African Union and Col. Gadhafi peace offers; the pitifully small rebel “army” that can’t make military advances, but refuses to negotiate as long as NATO supports them; the good news from Washington: “House Bars Obama From Sending Ground Troops to Libya;” the still-unsettled question of US troops remaining in Iraq beyond the SOFA withdrawal deadline; and how Bahrain’s draconian crackdown on protesters seems to be working – at least in the short term.

MP3 here. (19:56)

Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com. His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers and other media around the world.

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  1. The Pentagon's profession that they believe al-Sadr is "bluffing" about fighting US forces again if they stay past their deadline, sounds like a thinly veiled excuse to justify what seems to be their genuine intent on staying in Iraq. Much like the faked belief that they will "throw flower petals on our troops" back in the 02/03 run up to the invasion, the plan maybe is to stay and proclaim "oops, we didnt think that would happen" in January when al-sadr does indeed resume the fighting.

  2. on what basis is usa and un condon ign this occupation of iraq and afgansit5an?dismantle un now which si there to give legitimacy to usa and british piracy.

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