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John Glaser, editorial assistant at The American Conservative magazine, discusses his article “The American Deep State,” about Eli Lake’s New Republic article “Enemy of the State: Are we at war with Pakistan’s intelligence service;” how Lake’s premise equally applies to the unelected US military-industrial complex that exerts enormous political influence and pursues a policy agenda contrary to national interests; the low-grade war already going on in Pakistan; and the three and four-star officers who almost universally find post-retirement work as lobbyists or consultants with defense contractors.

MP3 here. (18:14)

John Glaser is an editorial assistant at The American Conservative.

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  1. John Glaser's observations are well-founded. The U.S. Government is controlled by (among other things!) the military industrial WELFARE complex. It's an incestuous network of defense contractors, bought-and-paid-for congressional hacks, and the Pentagon. Its only purpose is to keep its hooks into the Treasury for every bullshit weapons system that comes along–whether needed or not.

    When a flag or general officer hangs up his scrambled egg cap, he knows there's money to be made out there. . . ..

  2. The private deep state where abuse rackets receive certain legal protection is not much different.

    I am referring to lawyers gone wild assisting daily oppression in nearly every jurisdiction, dutifully bum-licking the oligarchs. Local utilities insurers big oil setting their rates and jacking up usage or the county commissions. lawyers collecting from the aggrieved then selling out their clients to the abusers. Employmentlaw, probate law. Is it any different in Israel China Russia India

    The Courts and the American Bar Associations protect the abusers. Not a new racket either.

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