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Benjamin Tua, retired Foreign Service Officer and contributor to Foreign Policy in Focus, discusses his article “Winners and Losers in a New Middle East;” why Egypt’s elections will likely result in something markedly more democratic than Mubarak’s regime; why Israel, faced with the Arab spring and a renewed Middle East, should accept a two-state solution based on 1967 borders before it’s too late; the other Jewish organizations challenging AIPAC’s dominance, while young Jews are increasingly sympathetic to Palestinians; and the enduring myths used to justify intervention in Libya.

MP3 here. (19:59)

Benjamin Tua is a retired Foreign Service Officer. He served in Israel from 1982-1985. He currently is an independent analyst and Foreign Policy In Focus contributor.

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  1. In some sense, America or its democratic process contributes to make the Palestinian problem more difficult to resolve. From Israel's point of view, neither one state nor two state offers good long term prospect. An One state solution means the Jewish population could be overwhelmed by the Arabs in the foreseeable future in the absence of implicit or explicit Apartheid policy. A Two state solution means given up a large chunk of their "promised land" for a peace which could be illusive. Of course, they could win any war with the Arabs but it is not the issue. Rather, status quo would be preferred as long as America is on its side taking care of all diplomatic fall outs. And American politicians would continue to take care Israel's diplomatic difficulties as long as politicians want campaign contributions from Jewish groups.

    "The Washington Post once estiamted that Jews contribute 60 percent of the Democratic Party's money. This made the Professional laugh. "We have an internal survey that puts it closer to eighty percent," he said. "We don't publicize it, but Jews contribute more to the party than any other ethnic group. Hell, we contribute more than everybody else put together."" (A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN by Zev Chafets)

    Israeli leaders would only have to make hard choices if and only if the US decides to step away. Tell Israeli leaders that they should solve their own problems and the problems would be solved.

    1. Therefore, corruption in DC is the norm? who do those corrupt elected officials represent then?
      The people who were brainwashed with corruption money to vote for them or the ones who bribed them?

    2. "……Two state solution means given up a large chunk of their "promised land" for a peace…."

      Giving up? You mean return… "Giving up" – this description has been used for years by all US media to reinforce this false idea in ignorance of the majority of american citizens.
      The promise land/God gave this land… these close any rational argumentation. Regardless of one's belief, using religion as a one of many tools of propaganda for political gains is truly disgusting. It is a quintessential attribute of those who historically have been using any imaginable means for egoistic self-benefits: monetary, political or ethnic. They never give up anything.

  2. Mr. Tua needs to regulate his intake of the Obama Kool-Aid. He sounded Panglossian on B-Rock's actions. A couple of times I had to pause and wonder if he was some kind of Obama talking point machine ("Obama did say we would leave Iraq with a level of care equal to the recklessness in which we entered–yeah that's cool pal, tell it to the dead soldiers"). He seems like a nice enough fellow but I get weary of this "Hey I'm an optimist! Everything will be fine." stuff.

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