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Independent journalist Anand Gopal discusses the American creation of an unsustainable Afghanistan that’s guaranteed to collapse when US/NATO money stops flowing, anticipating the 2017 date when Afghan troops are trained and they can stand up (after 16 years!), the fact that US strategy still depends on warlords to compete for influence and power with Taliban, the deaths of Saleem Shahzad and Osama bin Laden, the coming major Taliban offensive this summer with spike in violence, and the fact that Afghan corruption gets worse as foreign aid increases.

MP3 here. (18:52)

Anand Gopal has reported in Afghanistan for the Christian Science Monitor and the Wall Street Journal.  His dispatches can be read at He is currently working on a book about the Afghan war.

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  1. Despite our sentimental assumption that everybody must want peace the truth is that in every society there is a subculture – often the dominant culture – that thrives on war. Not just for the profiteering on war but also for the glory and fame. Isn't it what all the movies and novels glorify, even when they present themselves as anti-war ? The cult of hero-worship with its bestowing of medals, its war wounds to be prominently displayed, the military funerals with all honors and pomp, and all the other rituals of war, the parades, the displaying of weaponry. I know when I was a boy I longed to be a war hero and I didn't care if I had to get killed to obtain that goal. War is depicted as being beautiful, glorious and for the cynical there's money to be made and power to be grabbed. The sad truth is that every society except possibly a handful that don't count for anything, treasures war and disdains peace.

  2. Afghanistan has ALWAYS been the "graveyard of soldiers and of empires" and it ALWAYS will be such.
    It is not really a 'country' but more a series of mountains and valleys with a people who have always expelled its invaders.
    NO invader has ever really 'won' a war in Afghanistan – only a stupid arrogant America thinks that it can do what can NOT be done.
    William T. Sherman was CORRECT when he stated that "war is all HELL".
    Robert E. Lee was WRONG when he stated: "it is good that war is so terrible less we grow too fond of it" – WRONG because America has grown all too fond of war!
    The 'chicken hawks' love sending someone else's son and duaghter off to war!

  3. The legacy of Gen. Smedley Butler, Commandant of the US Marine Corps and most decorated Marine with 2 Congressional Medals of Honor and Brevet promotions, should be spread everywhere. Butler denounced war as "a racket" and in a tract reminiscent of Tom Paine stated that "I was a thug and hit-man" for the powerful economic interests of the day. Butler fought in a series of US imperialist operations against native Americans, nations in Central and South America, the Caribbeans, Boxer Rebellion in China, WW I. Only after he retired and could reflect on his career did he acknowledge the criminal and immoral nature of his role in US hegemony. The establishment doesn't want the public to know about Butler so that it can continue to expand the Empire.

  4. As the Fuhrer said, any society that isn't purified in the fire of war becomes effeminate and unworthy of existence.

    Gimme a Sieg?

  5. For anyone who wants to know how the US/NATO are doing in Afghanistan I recommend going to on a daily basis to see the causality count the major media will not give you.

    The US failed to stabilize Afghanistan in the first years of the occupation because the 'real show' was in Iraq. That is the easily the single most important reason that 50 soldiers a month are dying.

  6. Obama is simply a tool of his neo-con, Israel first advisers and planners. As a worthless enterprise, I actually make a list of much of the White House top staffers (this was NOT a scholarly work). The overwhelming majority of Obama's top personnel are Jewish.
    So what, you say. We're all Americans, and certainly Jews are as American as ….. well, Obama himself, or Arab Americans.
    This was true of the America that I grew up in and learned about in school and prized. Things change, and America has changed. If all Americans were equal, why are no Arab Americans in any truly high level position in the White House (as I announced earlier, I did NOT do a true scholarly study, so I may well have missed an Arab or two). But the results are absolutely clear, scholarly or not. About 75% to 85% of all top govt officials are Jewish. Quite frankly, I think this is clear evidence of racial and religious prejudice in the American govt.
    I do not believe in quotas nor do I believe in reserving certain percentages of high positions for all imp groups in America. This is ANTI American. But this country has been forced by an enormously wealthy group of Israeli supporters, highly educated and organized as well as any army, who have in fact acquired power out of all proportion to their numbers, and they have used this power to lead, deceive, mislead, confuse naive and/or venal American politicians into putting American wealth and blood at the service of a people who are actually disdainful of America.
    Much less than this has resulted in people being characterized as anti-Semitic. I am not. And I strongly resent having to defend the honor of my motives. The label of anti-Semitism is a powerful weapon used against any and all critics of Israel.
    Hermes Trismegistus

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