Doug Bandow


Doug Bandow, senior fellow at the Cato Institute, explains why Obama is among the most flagrant violators of the constitution’s delineation of the war powers, the uncertainty of Gadhafi’s successors in Libya, if and when he is ousted, why Obama needs to wrap up Libya before election season starts while not having the political capital to send in ground troops to take Tripoli, and why the US is (hopefully) too busy to intervene in Syria or Pakistan.

MP3 here. (18:04)

Doug Bandow is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, specializing in foreign policy and civil liberties. He worked as special assistant to President Reagan and editor of the political magazine Inquiry. He writes regularly for leading publications such as Fortune magazine, National Interest, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Times. Bandow speaks frequently at academic conferences, on college campuses, and to business groups. Bandow has been a regular commentator on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC. He holds a J.D. from Stanford University.

5 thoughts on “Doug Bandow”

  1. IF Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim – wouldn't he want to have ALL of the secular dictators in the Middle East Arab countries overthrown so that radical Islamic dictators could replace them and install strict Sharia Law?
    And why does Obama have the US involved in overthrowing Gaddafi? – really?
    Just a specualtion.

  2. I wouldn't give O's intellectual capabilities much credit. He seems particularly unable to understand anything in Woodward's book, if that's accurate at all. And I think Sy Hersh mentioned that O's particularly isolated, with only a few close advisers. So whoever whispered in his ear last is what he'll do. I think he has zero understanding of war or foreign policy.

  3. Doesn't all this debating just get kind of tired? Debating about Obama and how "wrong" everything he's doing is?

    It's tiring because it isn't going to stop. And that's because people keep thinking that they have power.

    The government/financial/MIC/etc just manipulates people. They want you to argue about Obama….instead of just acknowledging that you are nothing to them. You are nothing to Obama.

    Obama has nothing but contempt for you.

    But you keep arguing about "him".

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