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Jack Hunter, talk radio host and Charleston newspaper columnist, discusses his article “Ron Paul Won the Debate” in The American Conservative magazine; how Republican candidates ripped off Paul’s talking points, guaranteeing that his message will get lots of airtime through November 2012 even if he’s not elected; the shift in GOP center of gravity in the last 4 years, from Bush’s big government warfare state to Ron and Rand Paul’s (and others’) limited government antiwar clique; and why Ronald Reagan seems like a dove compared to the neoconservatives and right wing nationalists of today.

MP3 here. (20:05)

Jack Hunter, a.k.a. the “Southern Avenger“, is a conservative commentator (WTMA 1250 AM talk radio) and columnist (Charleston City Paper) living in Charleston, South Carolina. Check out his YouTube channel.


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  1. Call me cynical but I don't buy it. As soon as a Republican becomes president again (one that is not Ron Paul) the Republicans will march right back into lockstep with never ending war and bloodshed. I have ZERO faith in either party anymore. Better vote Ron Paul guys. If you don't be prepared to pay the price.

    1. I hope Ron Paul has success, but the last time another R.P. from Texas got too popular in a Presidential election season, he was forced to quit. I just think that there are very powerful forces who will stand in his way if he gets too far in his campaign bid. Hope I'm wrong. I'd vote for Ron Paul over O-Bomber any day(endorsed by the Neocons?? my god, I knew he'd be bad but didn't think he could get this bad!)

  2. Mike I agree 100 persent.The people that don't vote for RP will regret it unless ofcourse they are ritch or part of the military industrial complex.

    1. Yup. Look, I like Jack Hunter but I'm not sure what planet he's living on. Has he STILL not learned yet that both parties promote their own when their in the White house? Maybe I'm intolerably cynical and that is blinding me but Jack Hunter seems way off here.

      Remember poli- means many, and -tics means small blood-sucking insects.

    2. For some reason, anti-war.com deleted my comment so let me try again….

      I have no idea what world Jack Hunter is living in (and hey, I like Jack. His YouTube videos are fantastic), thinking that somehow the Republicans are actually becoming something other than your typical neoconservative nut cases. Maybe my cynicism is coloring my perception of things but I don't think so.

      Remember, poli- means many, and tics means small, blood-sucking insects. Ron Paul ,and MAYBE a couple of other ones are exceptions.

  3. William T. Sherman was correct in saying that – 'War is all Hell'.
    Robert E. Lee apparently never met a Republican like John McCain or Lindsey Graham or other Zionist-Neo Cons in the Republican Party when he stated that – 'It is good that war is so terrible less we grow too fond ot it'.
    The warmongering Republican Party has grown very, very fond of endless war – NOT that the Democrats who have funded all of these illegal wars are any better.
    Ron Paul is probably the last best hope for America – and since he will neither gain the nomination nor be elected President – there is NO hope for thr future of America – the 'empire' is at its end!

  4. NVWV I agree but hope things are still not so bad that if a huge majority of the population voted for Ron Paul he would become President because it would be hard to hide like Bush did against Gore not that he would have been much better in fact he could have been worse if possible.

  5. What needs to be done is to round up every last one of these mass murdering, lying, treasonous and war mongering neo-con war criminals, arrest and charge them as war criminals and for being guilty of High Treason for lying us into multiple wars that were cooked up by Israel – a hostile, conniving, false flag terrorism engineering nation of criminal psychopaths – put these neo-cons on trial, where I'm sure they'd be swiftly convicted on all charges – and then drag their despicably evil carcasses out of the court room and publicly execute them in the street by cutting their stinking heads off.

    1. I honestly believe that will happen one day. The American public have had just about enough of these traitors who would rather honour the flag of israhell than the one they swore alligence to. It´s time the people who mkade America great took back the power. Ron Paul would be a good start.

    2. there is confusion here.
      it is not neocons who are for perpetual war it is the english race so called British who are instigating the perpetual war of course the English are too coward and weak to fight on their own so they have arranged a charade called NATO to do their dirty work.
      Decisions in nato are made not in berlin or Belgium but only in London and some british agents’ place in washington. NATO WAS CREATED TO KEEP THE INFLUNCE OF WEAKNED BRITISH BASTARDS TO KEEP EUROPEANS DOWN (ESPECIALLY GEMRNS AND FRENCH) AND KEEP RUSSIAN THREATEND. IT WAS NOT CREATED TO counter Russia; it was created to give support by americans to the British agenda of keeping the world for the e benefit of English and anglosaxon race and that only.

  6. For president: Congressman Ron Paul, a true patriot and representative of the people. The congressman has routinely exposed the unseemly side of for-war corporate America who also sponsor like minded Members of Congress. The only way to halt what Ambassador Peter Dale Scott calls "The American War Machine" is to elect someone of the caliber of Ron Paul.

  7. Steve, is of course, absolutely correct. The bluntness of his language may startle some, but every word is true. There is no longer time for diplomacy or niceness. Large numbers of both the Bush administraton and the Obama adm are guilty of war crimes, all the way from planning and supporting wars of agression to actively and deliberately lying to the American people for the purpose of starting a war, a war which was, essentially, fought for Israel and pushed for by American Israel-firsters, and propagandized by a large portion of the American mainstream media.
    Take down the colors, guys, and raise high the Star of David, the flag of the chosen people of God, the flag of the most intelligent people of all and the people most deserving to rule the world.
    Take down the Stars and Stripes, men, and don't think of the thousands and thousands of men and women who have willingly given their lives for that flag.
    They just didn't know any better. Now, with knowledge of the true facts of realpolitik, fold the colors carefully and put them in a glass case in the capitol building. And proudly raise the real flag of American rule, the Star of David.

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