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V. Noah Gimbel, an intern with Foreign Policy In Focus, discusses his article “Has the Rendition Program Disappeared” in FPIF; how Obama’s total unwillingness to prosecute Bush officials shows his disdain for the rule of law and embrace of torture; why JSOC is even less accountable than the CIA; how “extraordinary rendition” has become “rendition to justice,” a relic of the war on drugs now used against bribery suspects; and Obama’s huge increase in drone strike assassinations (with civilians the most common casualties) that in many ways are worse than rendition.

MP3 here. (20:02)

V. Noah Gimbel is an intern with Foreign Policy In Focus. He is currently working on a book on universities and empire.

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  1. Iteresting all this information is out there for people if they want it.I read alot on Antiwar but just started listening to the radio interviews.We all have some much information on how corrupt the government is and all the laws that they break.Ther is things that are true that the government calls conspiracys but that to me is just proff that its true and don't to talk about it at all.Like Bush and Dicks questioning about 9/11 not willing to due it under oath and were not willing to due without both present.There is more proff about 9/11 being an inside job than almost all cases were people are found guilty in a court.1 tenth of the avalible 9/11 information is more than needed to be 1 hundred persent sure of it being an inside job.Its sad the country USA needs to be taken back by the people and then good people need to be in power with laws for removal if they stray at all from the rule of law.Iguess only in a half near perfect world.ood informative Interviews.

  2. Also the official 9/11 investigation was a joak and avoided anything that is important to most.Like the number 7 building was never talked about.I have not even got a grade 12 and could have done much better but when they lie and are protecting people thats the type of report you would expect.I can't belive the responsible people are free.Bush passes a law so he can't be charged with war crimes.That is proff of guilt it would not be needed otherwise.Thins like that should never be alowed in a free country but America is not free they just give a fauls sence of freedom to hopefully keep the citizens under controll.Americans are smart and no whats going on they need to put a stop to it by any means necesary.I'm surprized it has not happend its just a matter of time.

  3. I don't call the medical, legal, and higher ed industries the "mafia of the intelligentsia" for nothing. All have pricing power, owing to the knowledge gap between buyer & seller. Their pricing power is further enhanced by the customer's vulnerability: sick, in trouble with the law, or making lifetime decisions. Which is why they are a mafia and not a simple cartel.

    It was only a matter of time when the MOI would recognize their common interests & band together (with the USG) to completely trounce real peeps.

  4. In June 2001, I drove by the secrud rendition site in Poland with my distant Polish relative. He said (thru his kids as translators): the Russians moved out and the U.S. moved in. I was too embarrassed and the language barrier too difficult to respond intelligently. But in 2007 (courtesy of rawstory) I figured out that that was one of the U.S. black sites.

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