Scott Horton Interviews Jason Ditz

Scott Horton, July 03, 2011

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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at, discusses the Italian Foreign Minister’s call for an end to the Libya War after NATO airstrikes killed many civilians; how Italy’s abstention from the war would remove strategic air bases currently used in NATO’s bombing campaign; questions of legality on Obama’s Libya War, relating to the War Powers Act; how Obama shopped for a favorable legal opinion – and got one from State Department legal adviser Harold Koh; and how NATO is already tired of apologizing for civilian deaths, instead resorting to the “blame Gadhafi” strategy.

MP3 here. (19:16)

Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers and other media around the world.

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  1. [...] An e-mail from a community member asked that we ignore a Libya interview on a left or ‘left’ program. No problem there. That little watch doggie refused to call out sexism in 2008. They also kept their fingers on the scale in other ways such as ignoring the many journalistic crimes of Keith Olbermann because one of their founders was friends with him. (Ava and I critique TV. We don’t have the luxury of not offending friends. It’s a rare month when a friend’s not on the phone asking, “How could you?” Sometimes yelling it. And we explain that we’re not doing a gossip column, we’re doing a media critique and we have to be fair and consistent in our evaluations. We apologize to friends for any harm they think we’ve caused — we’re still blamed for a cancelation from 2005 by one friend — but explain we can’t play favorites. And if we’re asked to wait, we note that. We were very offended by the way women were coming off in Fringe. We were asked to give it a few more months before weighing in because they said they were addressing the problem. For a change, that wasn’t smoke up the ass but honesty. They did address the issue and it’s a great show. But the first time we reviewed it, we noted that we had held off and why. And before we reviewed it — months before — we noted that we were holding off and why.) I have no interest in that outlet. The community member notes he might be forgiving if they would take accountability. They will never take accountability. Never. But if you’re looking for Libyan coverage, be sure to listen to Scott Horton’s Antiwar Radio interview with Jason Ditz on the topic. [...]

  2. I thought one of your early interviews said that Sark was behind the NATO attack on Libya. 1. Libyan expat whispering in Sark's ear (think Chalabi). 2. Libya cancels big French contracts–jets & domestic construction project. 3.. Sark needed big quick victory for reelection.

    Are those still the 3-fers?

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