Joe Meadors


Joe Meadors, a crew member of the USS Liberty during the infamous Israeli attack in 1967, discusses his decision to join the current aid flotilla to Gaza; Israel’s defenders who claim there are other means to supply Gaza – with Israel as intermediary – though those supplies never seem to get in; the US government taking Israel’s side in all matters, in 1967 as well as now; the hardships endured by Gazans subject to blockade; and the conspicuously missing US rhetoric for democratic regime change in Gaza.

MP3 here. (17:44)

Joe Meadors was a signalman on the bridge of the USS Liberty during the attack.

He and Francis Brown hauled up a second American Flag after the steaming colors were shot down early in the air attack. Mr. Meadors was on the bridge throughout the attack and was one of several eyewitnesses to the machinegunning of the liferafts.

Mr. Meadors has been associated with the USS Liberty Veterans Association since it was first founded in 1982. He served as President of the Association for four years and later served four years as Chairman followed by several years as an active director.

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  1. The American mainstream media has a dark closet full Israeli war crimes that have never seen the light of day.

  2. Both countrys are digging a grave for themselfs.Israel thinks they are GODs chosen Jesus himself said they were children of the Devil.Not all were judged as such but for him to say it many must have been and more are now.GOD blesses all humans of the world that have good hearts and real faith.He could never bless murders that think they have the right to kill.Most people in jail for muder are far better than these mass murdering governments.

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