Scott Horton Interviews Philip Weiss

Scott Horton, July 07, 2011

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Philip Weiss, investigative journalist and author of the blog MondoWeiss, discusses surviving as an alternative media outlet since the internet revolutionized the form and revenue streams became scarce; the US State Department’s long history of supporting Israel’s right to “defend herself” against unarmed American peace activists, from Rachel Corrie to Furkan Dogan; the hypothetical tipping point where American Jews will no longer support Israel; and the outdated and racist (in practice) Zionist idea of a Jewish nation.

MP3 here. (19:58)

Philip Weiss is an investigative journalist who has written for The Nation, New York Times Magazine, The American Conservative, Jewish World Review and other publications. He is the author of American Taboo: A Murder in the Peace Corps.

5 Responses to “Philip Weiss”

  1. There's no "market" in blogging bc the free rider aspect is overwhelming. Which is why media is ad driven.

  2. I once did a mental calculation that Jews were in charge of Israel for something like less than 200 years in the many millenniums prior to 1948. Some kind of property rights the Jewish god gave to his people.

  3. Speaking of market justice, Eliot Spitzer's show was cancelled today.

  4. Zionism is a racist, degenerate philosophy. It's what Israel is all about.

    The U.S. Government is effectively under the control of Israel. That's one reason–a big reason–why the U.S. is no longer a viable nation.

    Best regards to Philip Weiss.

  5. I'm all broken up to hear that. It couldn't have happened to a bigger scumbag.

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