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Bruce Fein, author of American Empire: Before the Fall, discusses his article “President Obama’s Political Sepulcher” on HuffingtonPost; why Libya may be a step too far for Obama’s “unconstitutional unilateral presidential war making;” taking State Department legal adviser Harold Koh‘s definition of “hostilities” to its absurd logical conclusion; Congress’s eagerness to forfeit its obligation and responsibility to check the power of the Executive branch; and why a sustainable democratic republic demands an ever-vigilant public and political representatives in fear of their constituents.

MP3 here. (20:21)

Bruce Fein was Associate Deputy Attorney General and General Counsel to the Federal Communications Commission under President Reagan and author of The American Empire: Before the Fall.

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  1. Every single thing Bruce Fein said I agree with 1010 persent inteligent man with morals.They congress does not deserve a chance to change they need to be replased as soon as possible even sooner.The troop need to be brought home a fast as possible also.Evey troop every were in the world. IF ever sent anywere unless attact by a nother country should only be for peace keeping.Then mabe America over time may be liked again.But that will take many many years the policys have done to much illeghal killing that causes hatred most can only dream of.

  2. Sorry not dumb but ment 110 persent but 1010 just the sane agree with everything.Troop was ment to be troops if should have been just capital also illegal was wrong hyper forget to cheak and not the best typer.

  3. O's Nobel "Peace" prize speech was "war is peace." Wonder if the committee figured that out at the time and least had the grace to have a sinking feeling in their stomachs.

  4. Neither congress nor prez cares about whether they get reelected. They're all just in it to make corp contacts to make gagillions after they leave political office. "If voting mattered, they wouldn't let us do it."

  5. Good American: Mr Fein. No Aggressive actions against Libya without a Declaration of War. We are not going away.

  6. Mr. Scott Horton: 7/09/2011
    Pierre Salinger, said he would leave the United States,which he did,based on certain election results.Do you know what he based his decision on? I know not how to contact Mr.Bruce Fein to ask him this same question. Can you help me?
    Thank you for your attention to this matter –

  7. Dear Scott and Antiwar:

    You seem to be blissfully unaware that Bruce Fein is a big defender of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, who has been pretty hawkish in terms of US wars. Does this square with Fein's views?

    Moreover, Schmidt is now being investigated by a Congressional Committee in an ethics case and Mr. Fein has been involved in that.

    Read all about this at these links and more:

  8. This guy stinks of american exceptionalism. You never lived up to your admirable documents. He claims americans are smarter than people who have big players unsurp their interests, in other words like all those foreign countries and the stupid russians who got fooled by communism. Well i see dissallusionment with all of these ideologies throughout the world except for the die hard believers in free market capitalism bs that US empire lovers babble on about. Keep going Fein they need idealists like you to put a nice face on their empire. You have your cake and they will eat it too.

  9. Next time Scott invites this Bruce Fein character he should ask about Sybil Edmonds. The fact of the matter is that Fein has attacked Ms. Edmonds relentlessly and viciously. He may like to pass himself off as a strict constitutionalist, but the reality is somewhat (to put it mildly) different. The more digging you do on this guy the more shady dealings you find.

  10. @ Ben and Mack Nelson
    Fein's representation of Rep. Schmidt was not equivalent to campaign advocacy on her behalf. He is a practicing attorney. He was hired to litigate non-frivolous cases on Schmidt's behalf. In the cases to which both of you refer, Fein endeavored to defend Schmidt's reputation against accusations by David Krikorian (her opponent in a primary election) to the effect that Schmidt had accepted "blood money" from the Turkish government. The Ohio Elections Commission sided with Schmidt on several counts. Honest legal representation in non-frivolous cases does not amount to "shady dealings." Just thought I should clear that up.

    Also, @ mikfax, see Fein's article about American Exceptionalism at…. It might put some of your concerns to rest.

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