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Kevin Zeese, Executive Director and co-founder of VotersForPeace, discusses his article “Is a Broader Peace Movement Finally Here?” on; the Come Home America letter signed by luminaries from the Left, Right and libertarian crowd; bringing together the most politically diverse and potentially most effective antiwar movement since before WWII; why military spending cuts are off the table for Congress, despite the ailing economy; the mirage of US democracy; and why Congress’s refusal to approve the Libya War is a real mark of progress.

MP3 here. (20:06)

Kevin Zeese is the Executive Director and co-founder of VotersForPeace. He also served as the Executive Director of Democracy Rising, is an attorney, and a long term peace advocate. He took a leave from VotersForPeace for most of 2006 while he was running for the U.S. Senate in Maryland. Zeese was a founding member of the Montgomery County Coalition Against the War in Maryland and has worked with various non-profit organizations on peace, justice, and democracy issues since 1978.

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  1. …evidently, the US House has passed another 680 bln "defense bill"…who are you kidding…
    nothing has changed…

  2. Thnaks. I think this is an important effort to stop wars. The war-mongers need to distract from the poor condition of the economy & banking corps. More should join the anti-war efforts, because human lives come before budgets, elections & luxury. The fate of humanity is at stake. These wars could engulf many countries. See the latest threats, – Gaddafi vows to take fight to Europe –

    Maybe Gaddafi lacks some ability, but we cannot say that he is totally inept. Neither can it be considered a bluff, he is put in a precarious position, has lost a son & some grand-children to NATO bombing of Libya. Things are heating up, the war-mongers are out to burn the world, at least the middle-east, to pave the way to the Temple.

    It was un-wise of him to make this threat, this will be used as excuse to make false-flag attacks in europe and blame it on Gaddafi. Google “Operation Gladio”, or you folks probably remember “Operation Northwoods”, 911, WMD charge on Iraq, and the Lavon affair.

  3. Why doesn't the "market" adjust this anomaly? After all, according to libertarians like host Scott Horton,. you could just let it all hang out & the "market" would prevail.

    Unlike a much more thoughtful approach, of a mixed economy. Combination of real markets & good govt.

    But I'm so tired to repeating this message that you can all go to hell. The left & right are just as stupid, and I no longer want to point that out;

      1. You ,must be very young or very naive. Govt is not diff from private biz. Either can be good or bad. Both are large bureacrasies with no distinguishing features from each other.

  4. A good govt is one that does Not guarantee U$ury, will not promote, license of decree interest. The govts are so big because they act as debt-collectors for the bankster$, govt is like an enforcement arm of the usurer$. Left & right both are involved and paid bribes by the banks, it comes in many forms.
    “Be” Witness, – of Peril – – is On.
    Human safety & efforts need aid of Divine Intervention.

  5. The real problem is that the US is deploying missiles in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. This leads to Launch On Warning and accidental nuclear war. Bloody fools in the Pentagon !

  6. There is no Democrate or Republican they are one and the same.They need to be stoped by any means before America can never recover from thing the rich did to benifit themselfs.But they are in for a surprize.Rude awakning if you will.

  7. what is the name for a system of government that has elected representatives who cannot declare or enact or vote for war without a majority of the populace condoning it? let me call it 'for better or worse'!

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