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This interview is from the KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles broadcast of June 17th.

Brian Becker, national coordinator for the ANSWER Coalition, discusses his article “Why the NATO powers are trying to assassinate Moammar Gaddafi;” the WikiLeaks documents showing US oil companies and State Department officials unhappy with Libya’s steps toward nationalizing its oil; similarities with the 1953 US-backed coup in Iran; how the Arab spring provided an excuse for NATO’s eager intervention; and why the Iraq War may ultimately have been about oil also.

MP3 here. (16:46)

Brian Becker is the national coordinator for the ANSWER Coalition.


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  1. Good find & nice analogy with Mosseddegh. If you haven't read Kermit Roosevelt's (the perp) retrospective, Countercoup, it's a must-read.

    He wrote it after the events of 1979 when the shah was deposed, and there is NO sense of any blowback, or connection between the two events. 1953, according to Kermit, was all just a great adventure & a successful romp. Certainly shows the attitude of the U.S. PTB toward other nations. They are just toys for the U.S. to play with.

    I have also read, but I don't remember where so it may not be true, that BP would have gotten a better deal under Mosseddegh. IIRC, he was willing to let them have 50%, whereas after CIA coup, U.S. got 50% and BP got 25%.

  2. Excellent interview. Kinzer wrote some good stuff on this topic. All the Shah's Men and also Overthrow are good reads.

  3. I just saw an interview with Becker on RT….it was disgusting, an Orwellian travesty of “peace activism”. I am a progressive and no hawk at all, but his interview was an example of absolute cultural masochism and the foulest most pernicious lies I have ever seen. He said that the US broke diplomatic relations with Iran in 1979 because they became independent…hello memory check! THEY TOOK OVER OUR EMBASSY AND HELD 50 Americans hostage for a year!!! The embassy building has been converted into a museum of the crimes of "the great Satan". Since then the mullahs have gathered their people by the thousands….EVERY FRIDAY after prayers (sic) to scream at the top of their lungs "DEATH TO AMERICA". Becker this person who “believes in human rights” refers to the brutal murder and repression that went on in 2009 where the Green Revolution, the Iranian people’s struggle for dignity and respect from their clerical fascist tormentors, was mercilessly crushed as “They had some internal problems/discord”. He said that Iran had a “democratic government” Are you out of your mind!? Yeah they have a parliament…but the great leader, the earthy god Ayatollah Khomeini has VETO POWER OVER THE ENTIRE SYSTEM. In 2004 his guardian council disqualified TWO THIRDS of the parliament from participating in the elections because they were too moderate. This is not democracy; this is the creation of a rubber stamp to legitimize what is in reality a fascist dictatorship. It is the Mullahs who want a war; like all dictators and fanatics they know it is their only chance to stay in power. You appeasement lies and apologetics make me sick! You are the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the left…I say this as a leftist…but one in the tradition of George Orwell not Joseph Stalin! Freedom, truth, integrity these are what should motivate our vision of the future not the repulsive lies that you, Brian Becker have been propagating.

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