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Chase Madar, member of the National Lawyers Guild, discusses his article “Bradley Manning, American Hero” on; why the US government is in dire need of direct supervision/occasional outing by insiders; media campaigns designed to make dissidents and whistleblowers appear crazy (evidenced by Manning hit pieces); and what happened to our free market of ideas – a cornerstone of America’s founding philosophy.

MP3 here. (19:09)

Chase Madar is an attorney in New York and a member of the National Lawyers Guild. He writes for TomDispatch, the American Conservative magazine, Le Monde Diplomatique, and the London Review of Books.

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  1. Bradly is far from weak he is a role model for the rest of the American military.America is no longer a democracy plain and simple.In democracy the people have the say America is a proffesional government best at keeping secrets from its people and is also one of the 2 best lieing governments in the world we all no how the other is.Did I forget the biggest criminals in the world murdering people even there own citizens.Obamas people are scum birds of a feather flock together how true.These people are liers plain and simple they obviously lie about belife in GOD.America might as well tortured them themselfs just as responsible there puppets in Iraq do what they are told.We dont have a clue how many civilians have been killed because of the illegal wars probaby double what we think.Remember part of the plan is world depopulation they are the Devils servents.

  2. You know, this website tells so much of the what is going on in the Palestinian territories. So many damn man hours for decades has been about injustice and the friction of two peoples, one land.. 4,043,218 is population of the Palestinian Territories, 10,432,500 is population of Tunisia. From WIkipedia (footnote 39:. Another cause for the uprising has been attributed to the inability of the Tunisian government from being able to censor information from reaching the Tunisian people, such as information from WikiLeaks describing rampant corruption in the Tunisian government. Military Metal of hour winners save some. Almost 10 1/2 million people on earth have a new government if B. Manning did what is alleged.

  3. Thank you for your insightful interview. I am trying to educate myself about the legal issues involved in Bradley's Manning's situation. I try not to think about the sentence he could be facing. The U.S. seems on the verge of becoming a police state, if it isn't already. It looked like one when I attended the last rally for Bradley at Quantico. I read Chase Madar's article several days ago and agree on every point. I also think Bradley should receive public apologies from Obama and Congress and be compensated for his pain, suffering and legal expenses.

    Bradley should be in college working toward his PhD. He threw his pearls to swine when he joined the Army and confided in Adrian Lamo. But anyone could have done it, especially under those conditions. If he'd had some intelligent, secure older men to turn to like those backing him now, he would not be in prison. The newly-released portion of the chat logs clearly shows Lamo manipulating him and pushing to ingratiate himself with Julian Assange. It made my blood boil. I am an RN, human rights activist and former support group facilitator for trauma survivors with PTSD.

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