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Journalist Michael Hastings, winner of the George Polk Award for his article “The Runaway General” in Rolling Stone magazine, discusses how the Afghan War is killing US soldiers’ morale, since they believe (rightly) that it’s a useless effort; the “surge” that failed to produce any measurable progress, politically or militarily; Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s “gaffe” on leaving 70 thousand troops in Afghanistan through 2014; why official announcements on troop numbers are less important than the White House’s resolve on keeping the military’s independent policy-making in check; the fine line between the US fighting a war inside Pakistan (with the government’s begrudging acceptance) and fighting a war against Pakistan; and why the price of a continued US presence in Iraq may be renewed violence from Moqtada al Sadr’s forces.

MP3 here. (28:42)

Michael Hastings is the author of I Lost My Love in Baghdad: A Modern War Story. In 2008, he covered the U.S. presidential elections for Newsweek, and before that he was the magazine’s Baghdad correspondent. His articles have appeared in GQ, Slate, Salon, Foreign Policy, the LA Times, and other publications. His blog The Hastings Report focuses on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other foreign policy topics.

4 thoughts on “Michael Hastings”

  1. Everyone knows McChrystal was a lot better and smarter than Petrayus. Atleast he had some rules of engagement and tried to prevent civilian deaths. Petrayus is a war criminal and doesn't give a hoot about civilian deaths…

    Bring McChrystal back…

  2. As the primary writer for Rolling Stone on this issue, it is disappointing that Michael Hastings does not seem to have a basic understanding of the situation. In this interview, he does not even bring up the fact that Pashtuns reside on both sides of the unrecognized Pakistan/Afghanistan border, and that this is why the fate of Afghanistan & Pakistan is intertwined.

    Furthermore, he brings up the possibility that the United States may take unilateral & increased action against Pakistan, but seems to be completely unaware of the statement issued in May by China which states that any stepped up attacks on Pakistan's sovereignty (outside of drone attacks) would be considered an attack on China.

    Please do your research, Michael Hastings!!!

  3. hello! Mc Chrystal is and was a pig and murderer…his "pleasant" and "convenient" position at university does't change anything…the US tax payers will be being this SOB's pension for years eh…

  4. The Internet Guy may have forgotten that McChrystal ran black ops in Iraq and reported to an adminiring Dick Cheney. He ran a black torture site that he bragged would never be inspected by the Red Cross. He's a murderous, torturing thug, responsible for the agonizing deaths of countless Iraqis in their own bloody country. He should be tried and hanged.

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