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Fred Branfman, a writer and longtime activist, discusses his article “Obama’s Secret Wars: How Our Shady Counter-Terrorism Policies Are More Dangerous Than Terrorism” at AlterNet; the “industrial-sized” US killing machine, purportedly used to win the war on terrorism, that strikes with impunity the world over; how drone strikes and assassinations create new enemies far faster than “terrorists” are killed, with the added bonus of destabilizing allied governments; the lack of a cohesive US foreign policy – instead each agency pursues its own agenda and fights for increased budgets; and why we’d be better off with a McCain victory in 2008 (same policy but a more vigorous Democratic opposition).

MP3 here. (18:44)

Fred Branfman is a writer and longtime activist who directed the Indochina Resource Center during the war in Indochina. He edited “Voices From the Plain of Jars: Life Under an Air War” (Harper & Row, 1972), that exposed the U.S. secret air war in Laos. Visit his Web site.

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  1. We Kill what we create.
    Vietnam was intentional. Bell was loving the prolonged war. That was the whole point, victory is not the aim of war, contracts are. Iran was a surprise, Saddam wasn't. He didn't turn on the US the US turned on him. I don't think McCain wiining would have been a better thing because people would still be under the delusion that left and right matter and the Democrats are the "good guys" some still do anyway but less than id McCain had won. Getting more Dems in congress doesn't make a difference. With Obomb winning it allows Ron Paul another shot so this is the best scenario.

  2. Ron Paul does seem to be the only hope.Im Canadian cant vote but if I could it would RP.We will all suffer ever country if the US or Isreal starts WW3.America cant beat Russia or China let alone both.It will be America VS the rest of the world.Eroup cant even deal with Lybia without America so they are usless.The Canadian government has been known as peace keepers but have let America drag us into war.Are leaders better stay out of any war unless we are attacted and not like 9/11 fauls flag.Americans need to overthrough there government they are 1 of the 2 most hated countrys in the world the other Israel.America be smart if Israel wants to attack Iran they are on there own.The only way America can be saved is by doing a 360 but the current goverenment shows by there actionsa that they could carew less about there people.NEW GOVERNMENT NEEDED LIFES DEPEND ON IT.

    1. "Im Canadian cant vote but if I could it would…" Just put down a name that sounds Mexican, Somali, Israeli, Russian et alii, and tell them you're a Democrat in any big city and you too can vote. No ID needed. Those are only needed for important thingslike buying a beer or cashing a small check.

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