Scott Horton Interviews Stephan Salisbury

Scott Horton, July 20, 2011

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Stephan Salisbury, author of Mohamed’s Ghosts: An American Story of Love and Fear in the Homeland, discusses his article “Islam-Baiting Doesn’t Work” at; the increased popularity of Islam-bashing in political campaigns – despite the fact most practitioners in 2010 lost their elections; the real facts on Sharia law “taking over” the US justice system (and if you’re still scared, get out of the bunker, take a look outside and be comforted by the lack of marauding religious police); and the political – not religious -motivations of those arrested in FBI terrorism stings.

MP3 here. (19:40)

Stephan Salisbury is cultural writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer. His most recent book is Mohamed’s Ghosts: An American Story of Love and Fear in the Homeland.

4 Responses to “Stephan Salisbury”

  1. A bigger danger than Muslims taking over the USA is Protestant Fundamentalists turning it into a copy of Puritan Massachusetts!

  2. I completely agree; as a libertarian who is an atheist, I think that is very real terrifying prospect.

  3. We live in a Homeland.

  4. Frank Gaffney, the guy who says CPAC is ran by The Muslim Brotherhood

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