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Kelley B. Vlahos, featured columnist and contributing editor for The American Conservative magazine, discusses her article “What Really Goes on in Afghanistan?” at; how the US military plays down the severity and effectiveness of Taliban attacks; the great uncertainty of events in Afghanistan, owing to the minimal media presence; and why it’s pretty obvious there will be no Karzai government “stepping up” if/when US forces step down.

MP3 here. (20:12)

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos has spent over a decade as a political reporter in Washington DC. Currently, she is a contributing editor for The American Conservative magazine and its daily weblog, @TAC. She is also a Washington correspondent for the DC-based homeland security magazine, Homeland Security Today, a long-time political writer for, a regular columnist for and a contributor to

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  1. And how is that pipeline going ? Soldiers are willing to die for air-condition in Texas. But that´s really important, I guess.

  2. The ONLY reason that America invaded Afghanistan is so that 'Big Oil' could securely build their proposed gas pipeline through that country.
    But – since Afghanistan has the well earned reputation of being "the graveyard of soldiers and of empires" – a country in which NO invader has ever 'won' a war there – anyone with half a brain could predict that America also will 'lose' its war there.
    American soldiers dying in Afghanistan for the profits of Big oil – and the stupid American people believe that they are dying protcting American freedoms – wow – dumb is dumb and stupid is stupid.

  3. Good book for historical perspective on war correspondents & the job they do(n 't) is Knightly's First Casualty… . It was originally written in 1975 & went from Crimean War to VN, but has been updated thru W's invasion of Iraq. I'm just at the point of finishing the evaluation of VN coverage, which, until the war became all bombs all the time, there were many great reporters who did excellent jobs. Best of the prior wars in terms of coverage.

    Can't wait to find out what Knightly has to say about Af & Iraq.

    BTW, Knightly book on spooks, Second Oldest Profession, is one of the best I've read on that subject. He not only knows the history, but also discerns the general lessors to be learned from the evidence.

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