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Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses the Iranian government’s claim of shooting down a US drone near a nuclear enrichment facility; former CIA officer Robert Baer’s warning about an Israeli-instigated war with Iran, designed to disrupt the September UN vote on a Palestinian state; the Congress’s unconditional support for Benjamin Netanyahu’s every move, no matter how crazy or belligerent; and why Obama doesn’t have the guts to defy Congress and AIPAC by making Israel fight its own battles.

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Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and executive director of the Council for the National Interest. He writes regularly for

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  1. A war with Iran has one good element: How can the Pentagon then justify the missiles on ships in the Black Sea in Bulgaria and in Romania and Poland ? A nuclear missile threat from North Korea ? By 2014 Russia won´t have other obtions than Launch On Warning. Bloody fools in the Pentagon !

  2. RE: Is Bibi Netanyahu crazy enough to launch an attack on Iran?
    FROM JUSTIN ELLIOTT, 07/01/11:

    (excerpts)…Reached by phone at the Aspen Ideas Festival, [Jeffrey] Goldberg told me that he believes the article [by him in the The Atlantic last August] captured the “high level of anxiety” about Iran he encountered during a month reporting in Israel last summer…
    …Goldberg still believes that in certain circumstances the current Israeli government would attack Iran’s nuclear sites. “Meir Dagan is doing what he’s doing now because he’s scared of an Israeli attack,” he said. “If you don’t think Bibi Netanyahu is crazy enough to launch an attack on Iran, you don’t understand this prime minister.”…

    SOURCE –

    P.S. ALSO SEE: Israeli Nuclear Strike On Iran Turned Back, By William Thomas (Jan. 11/07) –

  3. NuttyYahoo is a depraved Likud lunatic. Would he be the kind to attack Iran? Yes. Would O-Bomb-a–that AIPAC-owned-and-operated puppet in the White House–put the kibosh on an American attack? Nope. Would Knesset West–er, uh, the U.S. Congress–oppose war with Iran? Huh? Say what? They're Israeli-occupied territory.

    The U.S. Government is lawless. It's bought-and-paid-for. And Israel is one of its biggest puppetmasters. . . .

    1. Cheers for Orville Larson! Unfortunately, close to three hundred million other Americans don't have a clue. They get a wildly distorted picture of the Middle East from Fox t.v., which is arguably the most despicable, anti-American T.V. network in our history. Under any normal circumstances I would fight for our freedom of the press, but with the overwhelming majority of our main stream press little more than mouth-pieces for Israel, then the picture changes. There IS NO free and independent American press, so what Fox does really doesn't matter a whole lot.

  4. The relationship between Israel and US has evolved into a kind of toxic relationship where one side must constantly humiliate itself in order to prove 'that you really love me'. Nothing less than shame will suffice to demonstrate our devotion to Israel. Like all romances it isn't based on reality but a shared illusion that becomes more important than reality itself. That's where the religious fanaticism is so indispensable. The belief that all this has been 'prophesied', that it was meant to be, as lovers tell each other. Hey sometimes that kind of relationship works. Sometimes it leads to disaster. Complete disaster. The end of Empire. Possibly the end of life on earth.

  5. ………and Germany just gave P'israel another Nuke capable carrying Sub.Something big is in the works and is called "Juice Demockracy"

  6. Watch the price of gold. Once it levels off and slowly starts to decline a bit will George Soros finally give the go ahead for "secret" attacks on Iran. Until then, there's plenty of trouble to keep gold sky high.

  7. America needs to stay out of this if Israel is dumb and attacks Iran.Obama needs to call Iran and tell them if Israel attacks they will not get involved.Obama can't worrie about his Presidentsy when so much life is at stake.Russia,China and others might get involved expesially if America does.Israel needs to be on there own the government is evil Iraq,Afganiatan and all the other countrys America illegaly attacked was no were near the treat Israel is look at there Sampson Option if anything America and anyone willing needs to disarm Israel and do back to the 1967 borders and give Palistine its statehood they would have overwelming support.It would be the first worthwile thing America has done in many years they would even make friends with most of the mid east and leave.Cristians that support Israel go against there religion what happend to tho sall not kill.America better for once have brains this will lead to WW3 most likly if America get involved.Isreal want them based on lies they can do it themselfs.I hate there government expecialy Bibi F in nut case.And Americas dumb congress lets him make a fool of there elected President.America better tread carefully.Israel is going to put the last nail in your coffin.

  8. America have you not destroyed your country enough for Israel wake up they think you are there bitch.Show the world you are done illegaly attacking countrys for Israely interests and get your country back together.Your people w3ill fight if you try to help Israel if I was American I would because you are showing you dont care about your own citizens lifes.Enough is enough.Let Israel show the bitch in them without you beside them No disreaspect to good Israelys Jews are good people to Ive seen videos were the military some anyway refused to go on duty in the west bank and me and many others applade them.Over through Netenyaho if not he will cause WW3 and be the death of you and many others children included.The world needs peace and nothing is imposible.

  9. The establishment has been preparing us for this eventuality since 1992.

    May I recommend Israel Shahak's prophetic book "Open Secrets – Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies" published 1997. It's all there…Israel's playbook to drag the United States into a Middle East war with the ultimate goal to take out Iran, and how the U.S. media would help manipulate public opinion for Israel's benefit…Shahak warned us.

  10. It appears that Giraldi visits Turkey on a regular basis. Shouldn't he be using his Turkish connections to shed some light into the Sybil Edmonds saga? After all, if the dark corners of this imbroglio are exposed, the public at large will benefit immensely. But then again, maybe that is too much to ask from someone like Giraldi, who evidenly is very interested in carrying on the polite conversation with his Turkish hosts.

  11. Thanks Ken…what exactly should I ask them and what kind of answer would you expect them to give? I have already done more to publicize her claims than almost anyone else, both here on antiwar and at The American Conservative. BTW it's Sibel Edmonds…

    1. I don’t mean to be offensive, Phil, but what you have done was rather superficial stuff. You scratched the surface but never delved deeper into the mess. In short, what you came up with was a mile wide and an inch deep. Someone like Luke Ryland has been much more successful in connecting the dots.

  12. The one silver lining in this war mongering insanity, if someone were to ask me to pick one – is that such a war as this would very likely get most, if not ALL of these treasonous, insane, Christian-Zionist lunatics either killed in the nuclear attacks it would generate from Russia and China – or, tracked down and strung up by their vile and despicably evil necks by mad-as-hell, roving gangs of pissed-off legitimate American patriots who would finally reach their 'fed-up' point of tolerance for this kind of nation-wrecking, nation-bankrupting, nation-destroying treason.

    George Washington warned us about the extreme dangers of entangling foreign alliances, and he specifically cited the destructive nature of being confused about where one's loyalties lie.

  13. Americans real American patriots must never let America get innvolved .It will turn into WW3 and millions of Americans will die.Iran will attack Americans in Iraq and Afganistan if Obama don't let them no they will not get involved and Isral is on there own.And could you blam Iran being surronded by Americans.America stays out and China and Russia will to so if Israel is stupid and attacks America better tell them no and if they dont listen they will be on there own.America has help Israel fighting illegal wars thats in Israels interest.Israe has nuckes but no one else can even have a peacefull nucular program F them.

  14. That's funny. When I Googled Philip Giraldi Sibel Edmonds I only got 14, 400 results. Jeez I wish that guy would pay attention to that story for a change or something.

  15. Israel might well be the catalyst but I seriously doubt they're the primary motivator for hostilities with Iran. The money that was lost when Carter threw the Shah under the bus was substantial, both in weapons sales and petroleum.

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