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This interview is excerpted from the KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles broadcast of July 29th, available here.

John Glaser, Assistant Editor at, discusses the mind-boggling number of ongoing US wars (6, 7, maybe 8?); how US aid to Colombia, supposedly intended to fight the war on drugs and leftist guerrillas like FARC, ends up going to government-connected right wing paramilitary death squads; Plan Colombia‘s gift to the military-industrial complex; the State Department’s heavyhanded, imperialist meddling in Haitian affairs as revealed by the WikiLeaks cables; and how the Arab spring has unmasked the real purpose of US foreign policy –  supporting cooperative dictators and crushing democratic reform.

MP3 here. (28:22)

John Glaser is a former intern at The American Conservative magazine and CATO Institute.

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  1. “It's hard to try and delineate what qualifies as a war any more. When we fund wars, is that a war? When we fund terrorism, is that something like war? When we bomb people from the sky and don't have troops on the ground, is that war? When we occupy a country but aren't engaged in all out war, is that a war? ….. The United States is at war with anyone and everyone who they feel like.”
    It is clear that it isn't the US, but the business party of this nation which is waging these wars, and equally evident is that this same group is engaged in a vicious class war on its own citizens also .

  2. Even New York Times recommends the coffee region in Colombia to tourists. The best of Colombia is the village Risaralda in the department of Caldas with nearby (bus or taxi) Anserma, founded before Santafé de Bogotá. It´s the heart of coffee country. To the other side of Risaralda an early morning bus will take you to the small village of San José (some 9,000 people), the chuch has leased the ground floor to a bar. They have put three tables below in front of the church and a small Plaza Bolivar. That´s the Colombia recommended to tourists by New York Times, Risaralda, Anserma, San José in Caldas.
    Nice, down to earch, goodhearted people in El Eje Cafetero.

  3. No country is called Columbia. Panama was part of Colombia until it was forced to secede Panama for the US to build the canal. By the way, the US killed about 6,000 unarmed ordinary citizens when they invaded in December 1989. According to former US Secretary of Justice Ramsey Clark. Fallujah is worse than Hiroshima. In many ways they are more advanced in Colombia than in United Bluff. They´ve made a law that you can´t suspend habeas corpus, not even in war or civil war. Bush and Obama took United Bluff back to 1214, the year before Magna Carta.

  4. US been at wars for last 60 or so years.., most of these wars been a calculated one and for selected needs of US in times, Vietnam war was about rubber produced by Vietnam yet it was strategically important to US in terms of its militarism presence so as Vietnam geopolitical location.

    Us been bombing countries for over 20 years for its economic and militarism interests in both strategically and economical importance area, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya is yet another. These wars always been a calculated one for certain time but no more then 6 years, Iraq and Afghanistan wars are out of the time frame and that’s why US and EU economy has weaken by the time. In the other hand US could not continue its wars alone so they brought NATO in sharing the profit.., that is why we say that there is no Empire anymore, empire is dead., capitalism in the other hand taking over the empire brutality by creating privet mercenaries and religious barbarians of all kind to gain the momentum securing the system for now.

    Obama gave billions of american peoples money to them, making sure that they would create jobs.., they laughed at him and slapped the face of democratic party by creating nothing but demanding for more wars.., Libya and its assets in hands of US and EU banks is already been reduced from 53 to 30 Billion dollars.., so was the case with losing of 17 billion dollars of Iraqis money while in hands of US banks. Empire is dead.., the capitalism system is a life and making sure that everything is blamed on Emperors, by Emperors I mean EU and Saudis, Arab Emirates and the silent ones from Sweden to Denmark and Nederland and even Lichtenstein.

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