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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses the Syrian tank offensive in Hama that killed more than 140 protesters; how previous crackdowns have resulted in ever-larger anti-government demonstrations; a graphic YouTube link that shows what a massacre really looks like; how “days not weeks” became open-ended intervention in Libya, with no end in sight; the assassination of Libyan rebel chief of staff Abdel Fatah Younes and the complexities of civil war; the rebel atrocities that embarrass their supporters in the US Congress; and the political maneuvering in Iraq to allow US troops (or “trainers”) to stay indefinitely.

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Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com. His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers and other media around the world.

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  1. We are not fighting for freedom and democracy in Libya that train has passed the station a long time ago. We have to keep fighting in Libya because otherwise no one is going to take the US and NATO serious if we where to throw the towel in the ring against Khadaffi. If the most powerful military alliance in history (so we are told) cannot defeat Khadaffi the leader of a tiny nation of just only 6,5 million people with a small poorly trained and quipped military that is riddled with defections. Who is going to take NATO seriously in the future? And the countries involved especially France, UK and US will become laughing stocks internationally and there leaders Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama will get savaged by there political opponents domestically. We are fighting in Libya to save the faces of our countries and leaders.

  2. Part 1 of 3 — I get the impression that Mr. Ditz does not believe imperialist lies about Libya, but he does believe imperialist lies about Syria. He simply repeats what the warmongering corporate mainstream media says. The US Empire tells nothing but lies about every country it vilifies, including Syria.

  3. Part 2 of 3 — Western-backed terrorists in Libya are called "rebels." Western-backed terrrorists in Syria are called "peaceful demonstrators." I ask for one shred of verifiable proof — just one — that the Syrian government has fired on unarmed protesters at any time this year. Just one. (Spurious claims by unnamed "activists" in the corporate mass media are not verifiable proof.)

    1. Its tanks in the streets. I am not pro-Assad, I am pro-US which means we don't have an stake in Syria. Sure Israelis have a vested interest. But if your going to be antiwar. Do not push that dissidents are not harmed. If you don't like the US or Europe or EU line, I understand. Just be factual. Go to the Russian news websites and look at the tanks. The mossad and CIA are not shipping in antitank weapons. Its a rebellion, but its not our business. Do you think the former Soviet Russians do not know Syria? It was one of their allies in the Cold war. They protected Syria's ports in the 1973 October War/Yon Kipper War. Yes, because UN resolutions went from a protection of a city, Benghazi to a effort to defeat Ghaddafi, China and Russia in the UN security council will not allow a repeat of what happened in LIbya. People died in Kent State protests, Blacks where lynched in the 1950's-early 1960's United States. It did not give outsiders carte blanche to change the government of Eisenhower, Truman, or Johnson, did it? Its fine to notice hypocrisy but if you deny facts others will shoot your WHOLE argument down, including your good points. We don't need to be in Libya or Syria..

  4. Part 3 od 3 — Russia and China realize that they made egregious blunders in failing to veto the UN resolution to attack Libya. However they refuse to make the same mistake regarding Syria. They refuse to aid Western imperialist wars, or support imperialist lies. They refuse to condemn the Syrian government. The West vilifies Syria because the West wants to break the Syria-Hezbollah-Iran-Russia-China alliance. The West wants Syria's oil (Syria produces about 500k barrels a day.) The West wants to get rid of Russia's naval base at Tartus. The West wants to remove Syria as a possible impediment to Israeli agression. The motives are clear, as are the lies to support them.

  5. The Pentagon gets 50 Billion dollars more in the debt ceiling budget 2011. The state, the government, is the only thing that is growing. Meddling in Somalia, Ghaddafi's Libya, and 3 Serbian regions in Kosovo/Ex-Serbia. Assad and Syria if they coould get away with it. Obama declares wars without the Congress. Its a damn job's program since unemployment is too high. Politicians especially Obama's Keynesian-economists will not let the US government ratings falter. Just watch the Presidents speeches – He tells you what he is not going to do, and how he is going to do the same thing in the same speech. Ghaddafi's son was at a US MILITARY college getting a guided tour when the rebellion broke out. Its Economic madness. We are paying military money we can not afford, there was a baby boom: you can not have medicare, social security and this expanded military. The British Empire had to change at the end of its zennith, America will have to also.

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