Ahmed al-Assy


Ahmed al-Assy, an Egyptian-American living in Egypt and a participant in the Tahrir Square protests, discusses the latest flareup between protesters reoccupying Tahrir Square and Egypt’s security apparatus; promoting instead of punishing those responsible for murdering protesters; the long prison sentences for activists and journalists, handed down by kangaroo courts; why Egyptians won’t tolerate an indefinite delay of democratic elections and reforms; American puppet candidate Omar Suleiman out of power but operating in the shadows; and the setback in Gaza relations and the Rafah border crossing.

MP3 here. (19:17)

Ahmed al-Assy is an Egyptian American who has lived in Egypt for the last 10 years. He was a participant in the Tahrir Square protests.

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  1. If they hold an election in three stages they will be able to manipulate the end result very easily. If they see who is winning in the first phase they will know what to do in the second phase.

    It the Egyptians allow that to happen they would be very foolish. A dictatorship. A dictator would permit elections in three phases!

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