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Anthony Gregory, research analyst at the Independent Institute, discusses his article “Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the U.S. Terror State” at; questioning the greatness and necessity of dropping atomic bombs on Japan; America’s unofficial civic religion of state-worship and war mythology; how the US war machine of the 60s and 70s continues to kill civilians in SE Asia; and how the war on terrorism has provided cover for the belligerence of bigots and racists.

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Anthony Gregory is a research analyst at the Independent Institute, moderator of the Beacon, policy adviser to the Future of Freedom Foundation and columnist for He guest edits Strike the Root. His writing has appeared in such places as the Christian Science Monitor San Diego Union Tribune,, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, Counterpunch, the American Conservative, Liberty Magazine, the Mises Institute blog, the Stress Blog, The Libertarian Enterprise and Liberty and Power, as well as in textbooks, journals and other outlets, and has been translated in several languages.

He wrote for Michael Badnarik’s 2004 campaign. He got his B.A. in history at UC Berkeley in 2003, where he wrote his thesis on the 1993 Waco disaster. He sings and plays in a rock band, the Melatones, and is an Eagle Scout. He gives talks frequently and is now writing an Independent Institute book on habeas corpus, detention policy and individual liberty.

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  1. Scott, I don´t remember any American official ever referring to the definition of the word “terrorism” since 9-11, but I can remember some of them refusing to do so. How can you fight a war against any enemy you refuse to define (War on Terror)?

    Why don´t you folks at use the given definition of the word terrorism, as found in the dictionary, as a basic theme in your articles against the empire? I believe we Americans will come to see that we are at war with ourselves.

  2. It is astounding to find so much misinformed opinions and ignorance of facts about Hiroshima among Americans even after they have had 66 years to digest its significance.
    Any rational observer with a minimal awareness of the historical facts preceding and following the Hiroshima bombing would realize that the Japanese surrender did not happen because of the atom bombs.
    Remember that Japan did not surrender after a worse atrocity it suffered, when Tokyo was firebombed in the month of March of that same year, and over a hundred thousand Japanese perished.
    The Japanese hastened to surrender to Americans and stop all hostilities quickly because with it they sought protection from the grave threat posed by the Soviet Union. The Russians had declared war on Japan and amassed over a million men at their borders; poised to invade most of northern territories.
    All that rubbish about Americans having to use atom bombs to end the war or lose a million men invading Japan is shameless nonsense to fool the American public and ease its sense of guilt over the cold-blooded massacres of civilians in the two cities.
    The atom bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were to carry three main messages to the Americans, the world, the Soviets and the Japanese:
    — To the Americans and the Japanese: This is our revenge for Pearl Harbor and all those US soldiers killed in the Pacific War
    — To the world: Be shocked and awed; America has now arrived on the world stage
    — To the Soviets: don’t mess with America.Desist from further land conquests in Japan, Europe and the Far East.
    One stands truly impressed by how successfully the Truman administration did convey its messages and was at the same time totally acquitted for the one of greatest war crimes of all times.

    1. I associate myself with your comments, Mr. Haich.

      Japan was militarily defeated in August 1945. The Imperial Japanese Navy? What IJN? Hell, it was on the bottom, or in port for lack of fuel. The Japanese merchant fleet? What merchant fleet? It was also on the bottom, compliments of the USN. Nothing was getting in or out of Japan. The USAAF was bombing the crap out of Japan's cities.

      In January 1945–the beginning of the year!–MacArthur's command received peace overtures from the Japanese. He forwarded the proposals to Washington. Roosevelt airily dismissed them. Fortunately for history, Admiral William D. Leahy, USN, Roosevelt's chief of staff, leaked the document to Walter Trohan of the Chicago Tribune:

      If Harry Truman–the failed haberdasher, the "Senator from Pendergast"–isn't a war criminal, who is?

  3. And what about Japan's atrocities during WWII? Sure, Japan didn't do anything, we just bullied them is the typical stupid rhetoric.

      1. You're right. Japan committed completely unjustified atrocities, including against the Koreans. This does not in any way justify America's completely murderous atrocities against the Japanese. And as for the Koreans — did the Japanese murder that many more Koreans than Truman did in the end?

  4. I´ll give you atrocities: In Iraq the US Army kidnapped small boys and their mothers. Then they raped the boys and forced their mothers to watch while a female soldier was filming the event. Why did they do that ? In Fallujah they used weapons of depleted uranium as revenge for the killings of 3 Blackwater killers. According to doctors and scientists FALLUJAH IS WORSE THAN HIROSHIMA. In AfPak United Bluff is killing lots of kids and old people by drones and night raids. There´s a reason they call them The Great Satan. SS and Gestapo were nice people compared to CIA & Pentagon.

  5. Part 1 of 4

    Good show,

    Conscientious Americans always, with varying degree, see the actions of American global Terror similr to what others in the world see it. At time they even see it close to the views of those who have been subjected to big bully’s merciless atrocities.

    Centuries ago those who were opposed to the rules of some European rulers were burnt in the town square. France and Germany were in perpetual brutal wars, in England young boys, 13 and older were hanged for stealing (a loaf of bread?), slavery and colonizing other people’s lands and slaughtering or annihilating the natives were the common practice of the Europeans etc etc.

  6. Part 2

    In recent times we have witnessed myriad of new kinds of appalling inhumanities in the forms of:

    – neo-colonialism
    – via covert means toppling national governments and installing puppet regimes
    – tricking the developing countries to take huge loans (that they can never pay out)
    – globalization
    – new types of control of other people’s resources, at times employing unprecedented brutal ways
    – staging new styles of wars such as the first Gulf War where, according Ramsey Clark, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were buried in their trenches, were (turkey) shot while retreating (Highway of Death?) or simply bombed in flashy frequencies (2 sorties a minute for 6 weeks)
    – the last Iraq war using sophisticated technologies …etc etc

    However today we see quite a number of signs of progress in different directions, no more open slavery, no more burning people who have just opposed the views of the elites, and so on

  7. Part 3

    When extrapolating the past and present to the future the question becomes: do these progressive trends have enough integrated force to stop the powerful evil forces before the greed and psychopathy of a few of them causes the annihilation of all life forms on earth?

    No one has a convincing answer for that question.

    Just in case we survive, if in 100s or 1000s of years down the road we mange to establish a truly civilized world system by electing decent qualified individuals who possess deep sense of integrity, by totally stopping the crazies who used to pull the economic, social and political strings , by reversing the course of the Climate Change, by just and equitable distribution of wealth and so on ….then looking back at all aspects of the present time US living we would definitely seen a very thick dark cloud capable of diminishing tiny specks of beneficial lights that were occasionally sparkling in the eyes of the few who had stronger vision.

    For instance, then a lecturer discussing the US history, atomic bomb and toasting of men, women and children would have said something like this to the attending students:

  8. Part 4

    “In WWII racism and revenge were playing major roles in both combative camps. Massacres of civilians are significant dark spots in those days. Among the darkest were fire bombing of nearly all Japanese cities (which were built by wood) when the winds were fierce (to maximize the carnage and destruction) and dropping atomic bombs (on two cities that were set aside for atomic experiment).

    Hypothetically if American leaders were not revengeful (or racist) they would have managed to inform the Japanese physicists (who were well aware of potential power of the atomic bomb) about their new found nuclear discoveries or as a good American called Ted Turner later said they would’ve dropped the bomb on the sea (or on the forests with no animal life where the Japanese scientists could have measured its horrendous impact).

    These idiocies and their continuations in the pursuing decades are manifestations of the degree of stupidity and psychopathic barbarism of those humans who were ruling the world.

  9. Part 4 – 2

    On the other relevant scale of moronic thoughts President of USA had already declared that ‘Atomic bomb is the gift of god to Americans’.

    With all those assets that were mindlessly destroyed the world could have become a far better a more civil world, where at the least there was much less pain. ”

  10. Godfather Obama (what are lawyers and a judge for?There´s still no evidence against OBL for 9/11 but nano-thermite was found by 9 scientists, one of them Niels Harrit, Uni of Copenhagen. Did OBL have access to nano-thermite or is that only for Mossad and rogue elements of CIA ? At any rate, science is science and nano-thermite WAS FOUND. Nobody has suggested that OBL had access to nano-thermite. It remains a mystery-but the Taliban were guests of honor in Texas to negotiate the Trans-Afghan Pipeline) has claimed several times that Iran is developing nuclear weapons but 17 US Intelligence Agencies can´t find any evidence to back up Godfather Obama´s claim. Is he crazy ???

  11. Epic Interview. I definitely identify with Anthony Gregory's point of view.
    Has anyone ever counted how many people the government of the United States of America has killed since McNamara was bloodying his hands in SE Asia? How do you even count such a thing? From the people we directly shot or blew up to the people who were killed by the people we armed and financed, to the people who stumble upon our unexploded ordnance decades later the whole task seems Sisyphean in its scope. Now there's a project to get government funding for…The Project On Approximately How Many People We've Killed …

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