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Greg Mitchell, author of the Media Fix blog for, discusses his article “The Great Hiroshima Cover-Up—And the Greatest Movie Never Made” at; the long suppression of Hiroshima/Nagasaki footage taken by Japanese and American military film crews; the Hiroshima Memorial Mound, where the ashes of 70,000 people are buried; how the Truman administration directly intervened in the 1947 MGM film The Beginning or the End and how Americans have been brainwashed into believing the atomic bombs were necessary to end the war and save lives.

MP3 here. (20:10)

Greg Mitchell, author of Atomic Cover-Up:  Two U.S. Soldiers, Hiroshima & Nagasaki and The Greatest Movie Never Made, was the longtime editor of Editor & Publisher. He now writes the Media Fix blog for and maintains a Twitter feed. He is the author of Hiroshima in America, So Wrong for So Long: How the Press, the Pundits–and the President–Failed on Iraq and Why Obama Won: The Making of a President 2008. His newest book is The Age of WikiLeaks: From Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond).

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  1. "Hiroshima Mon Amor" was a French movie about a love story that happened to take place in that city – it was a beautiful film, but was banned in American.

    1. Mark, aside from downloading I really don´t know. It was produced by the French film industry – I am sure it must still be on the market in the rest of the world. Good luck.

  2. Why must Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 have a CEP of less than 30 meters ? That´s not needed for attacking a city. But the Pentagon doesn´t accept MAD. They aim to achieve an unanswerable first strike capability as demonstrated in the books by Bob Aldridge Recently Bob Aldridge: America in Peril, Hope Publishing. Bob Aldridge resigned because it´s suicidal to pursue a First Strike Capability. The US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously. The missiles in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland leads to Launch On Warning by 2014.

  3. The firebombing of Japan killed a lot more Japanese civilians than did the dropping of the two atomic bombs.
    Even after the dropping of the two atomic bombs the Japanese were NOT going to surrender.
    It was the Russians invading Manchuria and turning against the Japanese that caused them to finally surrender.
    The dropping of those two atomic bombs was intended to send a message to the Russians.

    Remember – we were also fire bombing Germany killing hundreds of thousands of civilians.

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