Muhammad Sahimi


Muhammad Sahimi, Professor of Chemical Engineering and political columnist on Iran issues, discusses how the MEK’s removal from the State Department’s terrorist group list will grease the wheels for war with Iran; the likely funding sources for the MEK’s many expenses, including lobbyists, lawyers, publications and television broadcasts; why Howard Dean and John Bolton should be arrested and charged with material support for terrorism; why the MEK’s “cult” moniker is not hyperbole; a Libyan-style war in Iran, where an MEK provocation and Iranian government counterattack could lead to US/NATO intervention; the MEK’s proclivity for channeling false information about Iran’s nuclear program to serve Western/Israeli interests; and why Iran’s Green Movement is not the preferred conduit for regime change.

Sahimi’s articles on the subject:

Don’t Remove the MEK From the Terrorist List

US Neocons’ New Overtures to Terrorist Opposition Group in Iran, Part 1

US Neocons’ New Overtures to Terrorist Opposition Group in Iran, Part 2

MP3 here. (41:34)

Muhammad Sahimi, Professor of chemical engineering & materials science and the National Iranian Oil Company chair in petroleum engineering at the University of Southern California, has published extensively on Iran’s political development and its nuclear program. He is the lead political columnist for the web site PBS/Frontline/Tehran Bureau, blogs at The Huffington Post, and contributes regularly to and National Public Radio on issues related to Iran.

2 thoughts on “Muhammad Sahimi”

  1. Another excellent interview Scott.

    Very informative.

    Is there any chace that the next time you interview Gareth Porter, you could ask him about the stories being circulated by the US government about Hebollah activity in Latin America? The allegations keep comming up (without any evidence beign cited) but I'd reallylike to hear his take on it, along with his theories as to who realyl perpetaed the Khobar Towers attacks.

  2. The neocons fronting for this terror organization we are all supposed to believe this is to be used to attack Iran.

    But there is also another way to look at the situation. The MEK could quite possibly be the cutouts that the neocons have planned to use for the next 9/11 on American soil.

    Just the same as over 200 Israeli agents were all quietly deported by that son of a Rabbi and Israeli citizen, Michael Chertoff.

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