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Brendan O’Neill, editor of Spiked, discusses his article “Syria and the Hole at the Heart of the Arab Revolts” about the stalemated Arab spring; why the London riots are more about mindless looting than any particular political grievance; waning US influence in the Middle East, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praises and condemns actions from afar, as a spectator; and how the lack of ideological congruence among rebels/protesters allows under-pressure despotic regimes to regroup and remain in power.

MP3 here. (16:58)

Brendan O’Neill is the author of Can I Recycle My Granny?: And 39 Other Eco-dilemmas and the editor of Spiked. His archived articles can be found here.

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  1. How come those i-care-alot activists and authors seem to love dissidents only far away and dismiss grievances of the people back at home? At least these dictators admited about the legitimate demands of the people whereas our democratic humantarian leaders lump all together and call everyone here "thugs" and "sick criminals". The Queen should hire Gaddafi as a consultant since his rule reportedly was only spawning "peacefull protesters". We must be doing something wrong in our democratic education all these years.

    "On one hand, you hear British Prime Minister [David] Cameron describes and calls the rioters in London, Birmingham, and Bristol as gangs, but our own gangs in Syria he calls them peaceful demonstrators and unarmed civilians,"

  2. the BBC informs us that we can sign the following (it includes the link):

    "More than 90,000 people have signed an online petition calling for anyone convicted of taking part in the riots to lose any benefits they receive"
    “"Many traditional Tories, they say, will also have been delighted by his clear and uncompromising stance on law and order, with his promise of more arrests, more prison places and his dismissal of "phoney concerns about human rights"."”
    There you have it, "phony concerns about human rights" says it all.
    The assumption being I take it that all the 'rioters' and looters are on Benefits and thus deserve to starve? That the BBC informs us of such a despicable idea is an indication of the role the BBC plays in promulgating such Victorian, reactionary ideas. I assume that nobody has thought this through as someone in jail could not possibly receive housing benefit for example, but such is the knee-jerk reaction of the middle classes when there's trouble brewing with the 'lower orders'.
    "If you see two fish fighting in the sea, look for the British guy that started it",

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