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John Glaser, Assistant Editor at, discusses his article “Senators Want ‘Crippling’ New Iran Sanctions” about the 92 senators eager to punish Iranian civilians (the neocons want in on it too); the staggering price Iraqis paid for twelve years of sanctions; a reminder that “terrorism” means inflicting harm on civilians to effect political change – even if a state does it; and the effective difference between limited sanctions in the Cold War era (when the Soviets would aid Cuba, for example, despite the US embargo) and today’s complete shutdowns.

MP3 here. (15:59)

John Glaser is a former intern at The American Conservative magazine and CATO Institute.

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  1. A war with Iran will finish the evil empire United Bluff. And how will the Pentagon then justify the missiles in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland ? A nuclear missile threat from North Korea ? According to missile engineer Bob Aldridge missiles in the 3 countries are to take out the Russian missiles surviving First Strike with Minuteman-3 and Trident-2. That leaves the Russians with one obtion: Launch On Warning, probably by 2014. Enjoy the last 3-5 years ! Bloody fools in the Pentagon !!!

  2. It is amazing how the sheep of the USA fail to understand the disaster that Iraq was and still is. It was a war pushed by the few rich or to be rich individual like Richard Perl. Most happen to be dual citizens. The USA senate is presently a disgusting organization which is nothing like what was created by our founding fathers. The founding fathers had the senators appointed by local officials so they answered to the local and did the work for the interest of the locals. Today we elect our senators so they answer to anyone with a buck to buy their vote. We now have 100 prostitutes who will do what ever the john desires. The major money of the world is the military complex so it is no wonder that we end up with war mongers in office. Iran is blocking the expansion of Israel into Lebanon so it has to go and AIPAC knows that they do not need to sell the USA public but only fund our few prostitutes in elected office. We will continue to have our kids killed and eventually end up broke but our special friend in the middle east know this and they are already turning towards China who will then support their evil lives. We in the USA will return to the great depression and most of the dual citizens will elect do drop their USA citizenship because it is not worth anything to advance their profits.

  3. I'm sure that all the 81 Senators and House Reps who are basking in the Israeli sun on their paid vacations for them and their wives will return to vote anyway they have been indoctrinated to vote by Netanyahoo and Peres. These Congress persons are AWOL at a time when the USA is going through dire economic times. How the hell can they justify accepting the AIPAC package of such cusy travel after failing to solve their country's problems? The whole lot should be fired and a foreign power should not be allowed to bribe our elected officials in such an overt and disgusting manner.

    1. Damn straight.

      Knesset West–er, uh, the U.S. Congress–is, as Pat Buchanan famously put it, "Israeli-occupied territory."

  4. Part 1 of 2

    Scott, what a sense of delight and gratification listening to you and your guest when he/she has a clear view of what is ‘really’ happening and is capable of seeing things from the perspectives of knowledge and morality.

    Glaser accuses neocons as being psychopaths. Neuroscience now has the evidence to prove that crucial allegation. Studies, using fMRI on brains of imprisoned hard core murderers are showing the indifference (even joy) of these psychopaths when mass murders or torture of [innocent] people are involved just to revenge a single enemy.

    From the actions of neocons one can deduce their brains function practically identically with those convicts (as far as their deeply hated enemies are concerned). Saddam’s Scud missiles caused noticeable destructions in Israel and he was quoted as saying “I’ll burn them all in Tel-Aviv”. It is not hard to ascertain the depth of the hatred of neocons from Saddam just based on the above mentioned events alone.

  5. Part 2

    When Bill Clinton was in office neocons succeeded in installing the dreadful machinery of appalling sanctions on innocent Iraqi civilians. According UN reports about half a million children suffered agonizing deaths from starvation or lack of needed medicine. What a horrendous colossal crime of ‘collective punishment’ just to revenge the actions of a single madman.

    Remember how Madeline Albright’s Synopsis of the event? ‘It was worth it’… hard to go lower than that….neocons are setting new standards for war crimes and Sadism (the term used by above mentioned fMRI researchers).

  6. The U.S. Government is among the most criminal on earth. Its despicable sanctions against Iraq resulted in the deaths of untold numbers of people, including children. Now Knesset West–er, the U.S. Congress–is pushing for sanctions against the Iranian people.

    Let's impose sanctions on Israel, shall we? Cut off the American paychecks. Quit covering for 'em in the UN. Let 'em find another sugar daddy. . . .

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