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Chris Woods, documentary producer and freelancer for The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, discusses his article “Drone War Exposed – the complete picture of CIA strikes in Pakistan;” the government’s general agreement with the total killed in drone strikes, and vehement disagreement about whether those people were civilians; how the Raymond Davis scandal soured the Pakistani government’s cooperation; how US government officials challenge the study’s methodology and conclusions in the media while hiding behind a veil of anonymity; and the devastation injuries of those “lucky” enough to survive a drone strike.

MP3 here. (20:18)

Chris Woods is an award-winning London-based investigative journalist and documentary film maker. He specialises in world affairs, notably the global war on terror. For many years he was based at the BBC, working as a senior producer on flagship programmes Newsnight and Panorama.  More recently, he has written and directed major documentaries for Channel 4′s Dispatches and for Al Jazeera.  He has been with the Bureau since spring 2010.

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