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Jeremy Sapienza, Senior Editor at, discusses the September United Nations referendum on Palestinian statehood; why semi-contiguous Bantustans don’t make for a viable state; the decades-long “peace process” sham between two totally unequal negotiating partners; and how Israel’s settlement expansion slowly expels Palestinians, establishes “facts on the ground” and limits international criticism.

MP3 here. (20:01)

Jeremy Sapienza is Assistant Webmaster and Senior Editor at

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  1. Wow, I am surprised in hearing how wrong scott and Jeremy is regarding hamas…. First of all scott, Israel did not "create hamas", rather they allowed the rise of hamas. There is a world of difference to create and enable something. Hamas was a reaction to the leftist, secularist PLO. Israel hamas gain power and did not target them the way they did PLO. Bottom line is that Israel absolutely did NOT create hamas, but at the most enabled it.

    As for Jeremy… At 07:00 he says: "[hamas is] totally religious wackjobs that do not care if they live or die as long as they get to kill some jews". This is parroting Israeli and american right wing media. Hamas is a legitimate organization and a democratically elected governing body of the Palestinian territories. Their armed branch DO have a history of desperate terrorism in the brutal asymmetric war that is the Arab-Israeli conflict.

    Such narrative about Hamas being some suicide cult that only wants to drink the blood of jews is not only wrong, but using it is running the errands of the Israelis. Get a clue before dismissing the only democratically elected government in Palestine ever.

  2. Israel did sponsor Hamas in an attempt to discredit the secular PLO. Otherwise I totally agree with you. I didn't like the PLO's leftism at all and I can see why Hamas took off. But Israel's sponsorship really got them off the ground so one could say it's an Israeli creation that totally backfired as do so many arrogant Israeli policies.

  3. More interesting is some Palestinians got into southern Israel and shot some Israeli soldiers and Obama is saying we stand with Israel against the terrorists. We also stood with Israel when the IDF went into Gaza and killed 1000+ men, women, and children and blew up buildings willy nilly but that was a "defensive" measure. Doublethink.

    Is Stallone going to make another Rambo movie where he goes to Afghanistan to help his Freedom Fighter buddies against the Evil Empire?

  4. The "peace process"? – the Israel peace process goes like this – what is ours is ours to keep, what is yours is ours to grab.

  5. I beleive Aristophane once said that "the most difficult thing to do is to state the obvious"..
    How can one fail to see that Israel has been trying everything to buy time in wiping out the whole Palestinians and taking the whole land?
    Evidently the whole Western world has been complicit in this plan for 60 years

  6. Meanwhile China seems to be dancing circles around the U.S. in getting their energy needs. I'm not up on the details, but I think it's mostly occurring in Africa, but some in S. America too.

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