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Dave Nalle, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus‘s National Committee, discusses the RLC’s origin and Old-Right style politics; the RLC-endorsed Congressional Representatives who stood firm on the debt ceiling and rebuffed John Boehner’s compromise plan; Nalle’s press release “Texas RLC Sends Out Warning on Rick Perry;” why we should worry about the cabal of neoconservatives whispering foreign policy advice in Perry’s ear; his executive order mandating HPV vaccines for all Texas schoolgirls; and how Perry killed Texas’s anti-TSA bill on the sly.

MP3 here. (25:40)

Dave grew up overseas and in Washington, DC with parents who were in the foreign service. He was educated at British and American schools, eventually completing high school at St. Albans School. As a child and teen he lived in Syria, Iran, Jordan, England and the Soviet Union and traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.

He attended Franklin and Marshall College, where he earned degrees in English and History, headed the student chapter of Students for a Libertarian Society and worked as a regional organizer for the Ed Clark presidential campaign in 1980. During and shortly after college Mr. Nalle had a variety of political jobs in Washington, DC.

After moving to Texas in 1982, Mr. Nalle earned two graduate degrees at the University of Texas and taught college history in Austin for more than a decade. He also ran a small game publishing company called Ragnarok Press. His graphic design experience and graduate research on historical calligraphy led to an interest in digital type design. In 1989, he founded Scriptorium Fonts to market his original font designs and digital recreations of antique type and hand lettering, initially for the Commodore 64 and eventually primarily for Macintosh and Windows users.

Mr. Nalle serves as President of his local Lions Club and ran for State Representative in 2002. He resides in Manor, Texas with his wife, Patricia, and their two daughters.

2 thoughts on “Dave Nalle”

  1. Taft? Goldwater? When I hear that I think of Skull & Bones, the Flying Tigers, Air America, CIA, heroin monopoly.

    He wants govt to have strong enforcement and military, but no social services. Kinda makes me wonder about Ron Paul.

    Is this guy trying to discredit Paul by association? Or is Paul a cutout provided by the secret societies, to be the ultimate Judas goat?

    Is Nalle a useful idiot, who actually doesn’t know that Taft and Goldwater were up to their eyeballs in opium?

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