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Kelley B. Vlahos, featured columnist and contributing editor for The American Conservative magazine, discusses her article “Muslims Smash Right-Wing Stereotypes;” jumping to incorrect conclusions about race and religion in the UK riots; the informal loyalty oath already demanded of American Muslims; why conservatives should blame Bill Clinton instead of Islam for 9/11; and why American Muslims may soon experience the repression of their European counterparts.

MP3 here. (19:52)

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos has spent over a decade as a political reporter in Washington DC. Currently, she is a contributing editor for The American Conservative magazine and its daily weblog, @TAC. She is also a Washington correspondent for the DC-based homeland security magazine, Homeland Security Today, a long-time political writer for, a regular columnist for and a contributor to

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  1. A few years back, London was plagued by a lone Nazi nail bomber who blew up a gay bar in Soho, and exploded another bomb in Brick Lane, a street in the heart of what journalist Melanie Phillips has dubbed 'Londonistan'.
    The Hassidic Jewish community in Stamford Hill, North London, fearful that they would also be attacked, set up patrols around schools and synagogues, and were joined and supported by local Turkish Muslims.
    Multiculturalism is largely a success story in our town, and this drives all the haters crazy.

  2. American Muslims are doing just fine, thanks, despite the fearmongering bullsh-t of Zionists, neocons, Israel-Firsters, and the like.

    Kelley B. Vlahos is a voice of sanity in an increasingly insane political atmosphere.

  3. The victims of the manslaughters and murders in the riots have been Muslims. Like Vlahos said, the 3 first fatalities were people trying to protect their own businesses from the gangs and thugs.

    Muslim businessmen, communities and Mosques have been targeted specifically in the riots. With cemetaries getting desecrated and mosques being vandalized.

    As for police protection… Well, they rather protect the mcdonalds downtown then a row of pakistani and turkish stores, so the police have largely ignored protecting the muslims (that are the targets of the riots) and left them to protect themselves.

  4. O has contributed mightily to the "hate Muslim" atmosphere in the U.S. by not speaking out about the slurs against them, and against himself.

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