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Eric Garris, founder and director of, discusses Justin Raimondo’s column “The FBI vs.” about FOIA documents detailing a 2004 FBI investigation of, its staff and particularly Raimondo himself; the FBI’s apparent interest in “Urban Movers” and the Israeli connection to 9/11; how the FBI got a FISA warrant to essentially conduct a counterterrorism investigation against, a US-based non-profit media outlet; holding our collective breath until the un-redacted document is released in 2035; and how to keep charitable donations – large and small – anonymous.

MP3 here. (19:45)

Eric Garris is the founder, managing editor, director and webmaster of

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  1. if yall are in trouble for the israeli movers and art students story then I must be in deep deep doo doo. Because I have been all over that and release documents pass to the Italians and Polish and of course the English version. We got the police report posted right now… and then there is the 3 hour movie I made about it. I talked to the cops… Scott if I were you I I'd worry about your interviews on the OKC as well. Don't worry no one will know Dennis/Justin was secretly KGB 🙂

  2. A badge of honor indeed. You are becoming influential, otherwise you would be insignificant.

    The FBI folks do as they are told – they didn´t think up the idea of investigating AntiWar on their own. You´re making people nervous, you are having influence – congratulations!

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