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Will Grigg, blogger and author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses the AP news story about the CIA/NYPD joint venture into “mapping” minority neighborhoods – essentially domestic spying; rendering moot the prohibitions on domestic CIA intelligence gathering and military law enforcement; why recruiting government informants through blackmail is a sign of creeping totalitarianism; why Americans are not protected by the rule of law, so long as the government can ignore it at will; and why the real threat to liberty is not from terrorists abroad, but from government at home.

MP3 here. (24:55)

Will Grigg writes the blog Pro Libertate and is the author of Liberty in Eclipse.

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  1. Heh.

    I once got out of being on a jury involving police brutality. In voire dire, I said in open court that I thought police were routinely & gratuitously brutal. And that was many years before 9/11.

  2. What I have never understood is why the Taliban and Al Qaeda do not go after USA corporate strongholds aka USA corporate special interests abroad?

    Such as oil giants, Nike,Wal-Mart,PEPSICO,Coca Cola an Mod mining interests etc etc etc.

    Instead of killing their own innocent people and killing our innocent soldiers.st USA soldiers would rather not be engaged in the bogus wars and certainly don't enjoy killing innocent men,women and children anywhere.

    It is USA corporate interests abroad driving the wars so why not shut them down?

    Stop killing innocent Americans,innocent USA soldiers and innocent men,women and children abroad!

    1. Richard I am afraid you have it all mixed up…. to make such statements is to "ignore" the fact the the so called Al Qaeda" is a creation of the CIA….. even as we speak Al Qaeda mercenaries are being used by NATO in Libya So you question should actually read 'Why doesn't the CIA/Al Qaeda ..attack itself?? Simple..the CIA is an extension of the BANKS and corporate America…. it would not attack itself.
      If you cannot make that link, then I suggest you do much more research, remember when the CIA was founded in 1947, its first top echelon employees were former Wall Street lawyers and bankers….that fact alone should tell you what the CIA is, and its has nothing to do with so called " National Security"
      As for the Cold War boggy man threat mutated into the post Cold war Al Qaeda boggy man..that one is starting to wear itself thin
      …remember the Oath of allegiance….. enemies BOTH foreign and DOMESTIC.. in this case the MIC( Military Industrial Congressional Complex)…now preying on its own citizenry.

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