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John Glaser, Assistant Editor at, discusses the NY Times article “U.S. Tactics in Libya May Be a Model for Other Efforts” about a supposed victory for the “Obama doctrine;” resurrecting the “America is a force for good” meme, where foreign policy exists solely to prevent humanitarian disasters and spread freedom and democracy; the Libyan rebels’ racist reprisals against black Africans, failing to differentiate between pro-Gadhafi mercenaries and migrant workers; and why the overt media sympathy for the rebel cause will sour once Gadhafi is dead or deposed for good.

MP3 here. (19:50)

John Glaser is Assistant Editor at He is a former intern at The American Conservative magazine and CATO Institute.

10 thoughts on “John Glaser”

  1. The U.S. Government is broken. It's lawless at home and abroad. By what right does it presume to run the world?

    Best regards to John Glaser.

  2. On the one hand, it seems the French have too much invested in Libya to not support a ground war with its troops. They have too many interests, not only in oil but also water, and don´t forget their arrogant pride, they’ll just have to finish the job. On the other hand, the US has been trying to get other countries involved in fighting their wars since first invading Afghanistan, which makes it time to tell the world that the French are one of our best allies and friends, etc.

    This relationship is right out of the ending lines of the movie Casa Blanca, again between an American and a Frenchman.

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  4. I am very much satisfied by the way you describe this article. Going through this article, now I am able to tell anyone about John Glaser. The condition of migrant workers can be well understood after going through this article. It also helps us know about the various freedom disasters.

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