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Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for IPS News, discusses his trip to Pakistan, where his investigative efforts were stonewalled by the US military and the UN; upcoming articles on US drone strikes and excessive reliance on cell phone intercepts for drawing up the “hit” list; his article “Hariri Bombing Indictment Based on Flawed Premise” about how communications link analysis (or six degrees of Kevin Bacon) is used to prove preconceived ideas, not find the truth; and how the UN tribunal investigating Lebanon Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination ignored evidence of al-Qaeda’s complicity to focus on four Hezbollah suspects.

MP3 here. (29:29)

Gareth Porter is an independent historian and journalist. He is the author of Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam. His articles appear on Counterpunch, Huffington Post, Inter Press Service News Agency and

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  1. Now we can expect the use of "communications link analysis" in our courts to convict people in the US of evil doing. If it´s good enough for foreigners, it´s fine for Americans. These wars are bringing all sorts of wonderful new techniques to sophisticate our law enforcement – if only they were ethical.

    1. Well, "Al-Qaeda" is just a fake organization invented to blame for 9-11, elements of the Israeli government were clearly involved in 9-11, so there's some grounds for interpreting "Al-Qaeda" to mean "Israel."

      Usually however, "the term "Al-Qaeda" just means someone is talking out of their ass.

      They are basically nothing more than "The Brotherhood" from 1984.

  2. Porter usually gets it right but this time he's missed it. CIA killed Hariri. They're not as clumsy and inept as they let themselves made out to be.

  3. No, Israel killed Hariri. Read the research of Jürgen Cain Külbel whose book on the subject hasn't been translated from the German because it is telltale proof that Israel killed Hariri to blame it on Hezbollah to start a war b/w the Sunnis and Shia in Lebanon. Divide and conquer has always been Israel's strategy for the Islamic world.

  4. Roger Lafontaine, Little Paul….. Israel and the CIA are tight…. one could say they are both arms of the same pentapus…. …. Who DOES run Al Qaeda… Is it US or them or both, them and US and we must not forget our former colonial masters…. Especially where KSM is concerned…

  5. actually, i heard the saudis had him killed because hariri was blackmailing them and hariri knew all their dirtyy little secrets since he was involved in and profited from most of them

  6. Normally, whenever the UN needed to fly equipment or diplomatic pouches out of Lebanon, they used their own planes that flew out of the airport in Beirut.

    When the inquiry into the Harriri assassination confiscated and removed several computers from the offices of Hizbollah, UNIFIL transported that equipment via the coastal Ras al-Naqurah(Arabic)/Rosh Ha-Nikrah(Hebrew) crossing on the border between Lebanon and Israel.

    Historically, UNFIL have never used that crossing to transport anything OUT of Lebanon.

    So why was an exception made in this case?

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