Michael Scheuer


Michael Scheuer, 22-year veteran of the CIA and former head analyst at the CIA’s bin Laden unit, discusses why terrorism is a predictable response to an interventionist US foreign policy; how Osama bin Laden lured the US into Afghanistan and radicalized a good portion of the Muslim world; how al-Qaeda’s influence has spread into Western countries through media-savvy English speaking Muslims; the more-or-less representative Islamic governments likely to sprout up after the Arab spring – if the US doesn’t undermine them like with Somalia’s Islamic Courts Union; why most American politicians steadfastly refuse to “know thy enemy” and continue fighting the war on terrorism from a position of ignorance; Ron Paul’s realistic view of foreign policy; why budding terrorists must be regularly killed off, thinned like weeds, else they overtake us; how Bill Clinton’s lust for arms deals and oil pipelines cost him the opportunity to kill OBL before 9/11; how the Israel lobby prevents an honest discussion of foreign policy; and a recommended reading list, including Peter Bergen’s The Osama bin Laden I Know: An Oral History of al Qaeda’s Leader, Amin Maalouf’s The Crusades Through Arab Eyes and James P. Duffy’s Lindbergh vs. Roosevelt: The Rivalry That Divided America.

MP3 here. (35:57)

Michael Scheuer is a 22-year veteran of the CIA and former head analyst at the CIA’s bin Laden unit. He is the author of Osama Bin Laden, Marching Toward Hell: America and Islam After Iraq and Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror.

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  1. I never really knew what to make of Michael Scheuer. On the one hand he is doing nothing but perpetrating the 9/11-was-done-and-planned-by-radical-muslims hoax and he completely denies the truth about 9/11 being an inside job (keep in mind that Building 7 wasn't even hit by a plane and fell down and turned into dust just like the Twin Towers, while members of the Mossad watched and applauded 3,000 Americans get crushed to death, but all we see on TV are those "cheering Muslims"). He also perpetrates the hoax of Bin Laden being alive long after 9/11 even though the likelihood is that he died soon after, if not before, 9/11 happened. After all, if you are going to lace 2 gigantic skyscrapers with explosives and take it down via controlled demolition, or whatever means they used to turn the Twin Towers into dust, and blame it on someone who didn't do it you have to make sure that they don't stick around too long to tell the truth.

    But on the other hand, Scheuer does a great job when talking about how useless and even pernicious it is to America to side with an extremist state such as Israel even though he never mentions the history of false flag attacks on the United States that Israel has carried out on America such as the attack on the Liberty, the Lavon Affair and 9/11. Israel also had foreknowledge of the bombing of the marine barracks in Lebanon, but didn't tip of the CIA because they wanted Americans to suffer a mass casualty event so that they could stir up hatred between muslims and the West.

    1. I agree to some degree about Scheuer, but if you gather a variety of interviews with him from political sources across the spectrum, a mosaic begins to emerge of a right-wing disinfo pander-clown who tailors his "opinions" in response to what the specific audience wants to hear (i.e., regarding Israel) in exchange for "influence" that inevitably leans right-ward.

      Case in point: Scheuer was interviewed on the Adam Carolla Podcast, a right-wing podcast, but you won't find him in similar left-wing markets saying the same things. He's always very courteous and "respectful" with his "yes, sir" and "thank you, sir", and he tries to buy credibility in the same way that Ron Paul does with "anti-war" views which are nevertheless never less than hawkish and "get tough on liberals, that's the way it is" and so forth.

      You'll never confuse Scheuer with a similar & more sensible & logical but not sufficiently drama-filled Robert Baer, for example. Baer is right-wing and makes many similar points as Scheuer but without the built-in reactionary drama. If I had to describe Scheuer in two words, it would be that: Reactionary Drama.

      1. Ron Paul doesn't try to "buy" credibility, nor does he have to. He is a true anti-war candidate because he understands that if we are going to have liberty we have to have peace. He has been saying this for as long as I can remember. Ron Paul isn't some phony that will do a 180 once he gets into office because he is the real thing.

        I have noticed that certain people, especially Gordon Duff at Veterans Today, who have been talking trash about Ron Paul because he won't commit political suicide by saying that 9/11 was an inside job – which it definitely was. But if Ron Paul were to say that the controlled press will have all of the fodder that it needs to commit character assassination against him.

        You see, as of now the agenda of the controlled media has been to engage in a conspiracy of silence against Ron Paul. They simply won't mention his name because they don't even want the public to know that he exists. They have to do this because they can't smear him. What smear are you going to come up with against a guy that has been married to the same woman for decades and has never been involved in an extramarital affair and has never been guilty of any form of graft?

        As for Gordon Duff at Veterans Today I know all I need to know about him now. He speaks a lot of truth, but when it come to electing the one person who can seriously change America's policy in the Middle East he says that we have to "throw him under the bus." What more proof do you need to understand that Gordon Duff is controlled opposition???? He's just there to buy credibility and then turn people away from the one candidate who has a chance of instituting real change.

    1. Hortatories? If you're going to use obscure words, at least know their meanings. I know you cannot effectively respond if defense of Israel to the list of the crimes they have committed againts we Americans and so feel the need to instead belittle the poster but sheesh.

  2. Bin Laden and company did what they did on 9/11 to humble the arrogance of the USA by showing that their military and financial institutions werre vulnerable. Had they done this without killing one American they would have been happy. They succeeded beyond their wildest expectations and probably didn't fully realize that the American response was bound to bakrupt the country. El Queada has won, hands down. Their simple explanation, that the USA should get out of the various Arab and Islam countries they had infiltrated for financial benefit, was as credible as any explanation. I have lived in England, the USA and Canada during my professional career and I see nothing about the American way of life that makes it superior to that in other Western countries. There is nothinng exceptional about Americans, except for their exceptional stupidity when it comes to foreign affairs.

    1. Hello J Donald
      Please proofread and correct your spelling before you post next time. Your misspelled words
      completely negate and obliterate any substantive commentary you have made. Jim Martin
      Lafayette Louisiana

      1. I apologize to jim for the typos in my comments. I am just learning the computer at my old age and was not as adept as I should be with the typewriter. I always had a good secretary to type my words from dictation and correct my spelling. I guess I should tunr on my spell-check.

  3. Wikileaks revelations suggest Alqaeda has been enabled by the CIA-Mossad to unravel moslem unity against resource plunder plus Israel

    many progressive pundits may have been intentionally planted to maneuver the propaganda without implicating the insiders and protecting the key players like the intel agencies JSOC and the list of neocon warmongers ingrained in the US security network.

      1. Israel Shamir, Jaffa Israel based journalist has links with Julian Assange. Shamir has disclosed insider details on Alqaeda agenda linked with CIA-mossad strategy. Google Shamir or check Information Clearing House files tagging Israel Shamir.

        Plus FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds : OBL was on CIA payroll well upto 911. Media management of OBL audio-video releases of the last 10 years suggests the intel agencies with some help from ISI and Saudi intel are behind it. OBL releases even timed to influence the german elections.

        1. Gotcha. Heard Sibel Edmonds interview with Barry Shainbaum & Graeme MacQueen almost right away: http://www.barryshainbaum.com/podcasts/Sibel_Edmonds_r.m... ~19:00 –interesting that even though I know better than to take silence seriously, I'll still sometimes forget about it when info doesn't grow legs; i.e. who-isn't-talking about it has a strong psycholgoical impact, apparently. It seems like that's where the real fight is.
          Have also had an interest in Shamir. Thx.

  4. as a Canadian who spent 18 years in Texas and still have my son and grandchildren down there… i loved Texas and Americans ..NO MORE!!!!.it is DISGUSTING to turn on the TV and have to listen ad nauseum to the "heart-rending" stories of those "exceptional" people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time .[9/11.. perpetrated with the complicity of the Bush administration ] not a word about the MILLIONS of INNOCENT men,women and children slaughtered by these exceptionaly Christian people..unfortunately my son and grandchildren are doomed to live in that hate-filled, ignorant, barely educated country.
    .why do they [the world].. hate you ??..you have beem given the answer dozens of times.. but that is too uncomfortable and EVIL for you "patriotic " Americans to accept….LIVE BY THE SWORD..DIE BY THE SWORD.

    1. Who in the fuck do you think you are asshole. You think somehow you are enlightened enough to know how all Americans(or anyone for that matter) think and feel, just because you used to live in Texas.GO FUCK YOURSELF

      1. to Haarack,
        Please clean up your language before you press the "send comment" button. Intelligent arguments aren't never won by resorting to foul language for effect. If you have some serious points, just spit them out.

    2. Americans learn history watching Hollywood made movies. In these movies America is always right, always victorious and always virtuous. On a personal level they are honest people, but they are easily manipulated by the unscrupulous media. When Bush ordered the Iraq invasion, you could follow the war progress by listening to the folksy songs. At first it was, "We are going to show those Ah-rabs…" Later, "I signed for the Army duty because there were no jobs…"
      Now — "What are we doing over there?"
      There is always hope that the peace movement will be revived.

    3. If I were watching that I'd be puking, too. Might compare the use of families to the use of 'Troops' as the Exceptional People -as you aptly put it. As with victims families, many that are not brain dead could be expected to resent their use as sales-props. I sure did, and that was half of how I identified with the victims families. It seemed to me that some of us, when put on a pedestal, find it too flattering or advantageous to openly reject it –but in the case of selling a war with the use of your 'exceptional-ness' it's plainly and uncomfortably dishonest –the sooner one fights back the better.

  5. Al Qaeda doesn't hate us for our values

    They fight for the Caliphate. They will keep fighting for it until they get it or until they are destroyed

  6. CAIRO, Egypt — Al Qaeda's No. 2 leader issued a worldwide call in a new videotape released Thursday for Muslims to rise up in a holy war against Israel and join the fighting in Lebanon and Gaza until Islam reigns from "Spain to Iraq."

    In the message broadcast by Al-Jazeera television, Ayman al-Zawahiri, second in command to Usama bin Laden, said that Al Qaeda now views "all the world as a battlefield open in front of us."

    The Egyptian-born physician said that the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah and Palestinian militants would not be ended with "cease-fires or agreements."

    "It is a Jihad for the sake of God and will last until (our) religion prevails … from Spain to Iraq," al-Zawahiri said. "We will attack everywhere." Spain was controlled by Arab Muslims until they were driven from power at the turn of the 16th century.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,205858,00.htm

  7. I appreciate Michael Scheuer but he says the Muslims started the war and in the next breath agrees with Horton's statement that Bin Laden attacked because of our 'role' in their lands. This failure to accept collective moral responsibility for our (US) actions and differs little from the establishment view that we afre simply the 'policeman' of the world.

  8. Blame Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger and Richard Clark? Even without the attack urged by Scheuer and his colleagues, I seem to remember the talking point "No war for Monica", bleated ad nauseam by the anti-Clinton contingent.

    Scheuer speaks of his "logistical intel" as if it were a sure thing – a "clean" bin Laden kill, guaranteed. Reminds me of the "decapitation strike" meant to begin and end the Iraq war in one clean operation. From the aspirin factory to the drone slaughter, death based on "intel" has a rather poor track record.

    What I found most disturbing in this interview, was Scheuer's somewhat detailed description of the extremist organizing within the U.S. – and he named name(s). If this info is available to Mr. Scheuer, then one would think it's in the hands of law enforcement as well. We don't have to start "killing Americans" (not that it would be a first), but rather, resort to the conventional, albeit boring, investigation and arrests. Maybe my attention wandered a bit, but what I heard had the ring of fear-mongering.

    And hell, if you had created a sizable web of "sleeper cells" … why not wait for the inevitable financial meltdown and make your move in the midst of the anarchy that will ensue?

  9. When Mr. Scheuer said the "war" started on 9/11, I was really disappointed and pretty much discounted much of the rest of what he said. He then blamed Clinton for the mess today because he wasn't protecting America. I thought he would have known by now that Clinton, Bush, Obama, or any other president is responsible for the mess now because they are killing people all around the world. We started the war; sad reality, but true.

    1. This interview took me on an emotional rollercoaster. I agreed with many things said but didn't like it when MS was going on about having to kill them all. Almost stopped listening then he started in on AIPAC and that seemed a bit more reasonable. Perhaps I misunderstood what he was getting at.

  10. Once again, he whines about Israeli influence, but no mention of the Religious Right, which receives the influence and makes in work in Congress.

  11. Re "It's Clinton's fault", our current disaster is the result of 60 years of Cold War State, 30 years of Voodoo Economics. Probably 200 years of American Adam "we can do no wrong" nonsense and 400 hundred years of stupidly thinking we are a Chosen People have something to do with it, too.

  12. I must give a strong ditto to zhubajie's comment – these insane, treasonous, murderous psychopaths who call themselves 'Christian-Zionist's are without a doubt, hugely responsible for cheering the carnage and mayhem that the PNAC gang have initiated upon the whole world, since the Israeli Mossad/CIA joint false flag op on 9-11.

    Without those rat turd religious fanatics serving as enablers of all this evil and mass murder, I'm convinced that it would have never gotten started.

  13. Little Paulie, you seem to forget when the Palestinians were partying after hearing news of the 9/11 attacks. Look at this video of the thousands of Palestinians celebrating 9/11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QriwnKfRqBE&fehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMOZvbYJMvU

    Little Paulie, did you ever hear of Pallywood?
    My favorite Palestinian lie is, the Palestinians fake a massacre.
    Watch how this dead Palestinian on his funeral wakes up.
    This is a must see for liars like Paulie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgQLGYb9Xfo

    1. Kelso, if your comment is the best that you Hasbara propagandist liars can do then you really have no hope. You Israelis have been slaughtering and ethnically cleansing Palestinians for decades. No amount of circumlocution and lies will change that. There is no excuse for what you are doing.

  14. camus10, you say, Wikileaks revelations suggest Alqaeda has been enabled by the CIA-Mossad to unravel moslem unity against resource plunder plus Israel.

    Really, so Bin Laden was a Zionist.
    Seriously, you are really deranged if you believe this.
    Next your going to tell me Assad is a human rights leader.

  15. Kelso, why argue with me

    Take it up with Sibel Edmonds FBI whistleblower and Israel Shamir-Julian Assange who document the collusion between AQ and CIA-Mossad interests. Binladen was just an intel asset – a tool, he had support from Saudi intel and he was on the CIA payroll, AQ actions have brought more carnage upon moslems than it has on the west. Likudnik intel ops are diminishing any chance of upholding israels rightful interest in the region. NO Israeli security will be enhanced without submitting to injustice against the palestinians. US support for israeli hawkish policies will continue to invite retaliation from the moslem world whether you like it or not. Time is running out for Israel

  16. anyone who is not going to admit the official story about 9-11 is a complete lie is not worth listening too on the subject scott calls us all kooks not believing this stupid story out of boy george and dick less cheny you have to be amazed they still believe this crap

    1. yeah, from your sources Assange had a leaky condom, what a nutjob. Ri…atte. leaky condom = no credibility. Ri….attte This logic is what all extremists learn as schoolyard bullies from earlier decades

  17. dan building seven 8 hours later no plane hit it…no arabs in site….. building implodes and falls remarkably into its own foot print as did the other 2 towers how convenient ..and you reference the crooks out of israel wow you must be right ….it took N.I.S.T.6 years to come up with a lie to cover their useless ass;s im sure your laughing while being stripped searched to board a plane when do we wake up…

  18. I’ve seen a bunch of 911 documentaries, but I can barely do algebra, so how can I be sure what these people are talking about? My impulse is to not trust anyone. I would have to have a couple of doctorates to become as entrenched as some of you guys. I don’t need to know because my rights are mine, no matter who did what.

  19. Geez Evinia! I’m not judging you, but I think you’re getting way too into it. I’ve been to Canada: the cheese burgers are horrible and I wouldn’t dream of going back.

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