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Glenn Greenwald, blogger and author of With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful, discusses a 9/11 retrospective alternative to the mainstream media’s distorted coverage; how the national security state has eroded our freedoms and eliminated government accountability; the surprising near-majority of Americans who recognize the root cause of terrorism and don’t believe in trading freedom for security; why a “free press” doesn’t guarantee that the truth is readily available; why everyone should care about Muslims losing their civil rights; how the PATRIOT Act, supposedly a tool for fighting terrorism, is used more often for drug, immigration and financial investigations; and the lack of a political process for changing the system (switching between Democrats and Republicans every few years doesn’t accomplish anything).

MP3 here. (26:55)

Glenn Greenwald was a constitutional lawyer in New York City, first at the Manhattan firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, and then at the litigation firm he founded, Greenwald, Christoph. Greenwald litigated numerous high-profile and significant constitutional cases in federal and state courts around the country, including multiple First Amendment challenges. He has a J.D. from New York University School of Law (1994) and a B.A. from George Washington University (1990). In October of 2005, Greenwald started a political and legal blog, Unclaimed Territory, which quickly became one of the most popular and highest-trafficked in the blogosphere.

Upon disclosure by the New York Times in December 2005 of President Bush’s warrantless eavesdropping program, Greenwald became one of the leading and most cited experts on that controversy. In early 2006, he broke a story on his blog regarding the NSA scandal that served as the basis for front-page articles in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers, all of which credited his blog for the story. Several months later, Sen. Russ Feingold read from one of Greenwald’s posts during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Feingold’s resolution to censure the president for violating FISA. In 2008, Sen. Chris Dodd read from Greenwald’s Salon blog during floor debate over FISA. Greenwald’s blog was also cited as one of the sources for the comprehensive report issued by Rep. John Conyers titled “The Constitution in Crisis.” In 2006, he won the Koufax Award for best new blog.

Greenwald is the author of A Tragic Legacy: How a Good vs. Evil Mentality Destroyed the Bush Presidency, How Would a Patriot Act? Defending American Values from a President Run Amok and Great American Hypocrites: Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics.

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  1. I want to know when the mythical USG that Greenwald describes ever existed in reality.

    Yes, it's worse now that at some times in the past, but not by orders of magnitude.

  2. Zinn goes thru a lot of polls since the days when they came to be done. They usually show the majority, or at least a strong plurality, disagrees with whatever the USG is doing, esp in foreign policy. Warmaking is extremely unpopular except in few instances when war propaganda successfully ignites jingoism. Current wars are not eliciting strong antiwar sentiments bc they are kept so invisible, but antiwar sentiment in milder forms is very widespread.

  3. I like Glenn Greenwald but I totally reject his premise. America was never great. It has always been an irrational, elite-manipulated, racist, criminal, terrorist state that felt entitled to dominate, exploit, and kill whenever and wherever it desired.

  4. He makes excellent points. I hope the masses hear and act. Greatness? hardly. He suffers from the same hubris the criminals in DC suffer. USA was never great and never will be. Military superiority, a history of war and blood, and hegemony is hardly what defines greatness. What she will be though, and hopefully soon, is an animal with far less teeth and reach. The USA is too late, about 100 years too late. Rise again? to become what? The world power and wealth are shifting, beyond the power of the US to control, and the US will become like other nations, forced to cooperate with each other. May that blessed day come sooner than later.

  5. The U.S. Government is broken. It's lawless at home and abroad. It's controlled by every corporate lobbyist with a checkbook. A certain Zionist entity in the Middle East controls our "Middle East policy."

    The American "political system" is a f–kin' joke. There's one party, the DemoPublican Party. Every four years, it puts up two bought-and-paid-for hacks to run for President. No matter which hack is elected, you'll get war, statism, disdain for freedom and the indivdual.

    Keep nullification and secession in mind. . . .

    1. You have a two-headed snake in control of WA D.C. and its body lives in the Middle East. When the population has been bitten enough by one head, it shows the other one after 4 or 8 years!

  6. "So what if freedoms are eroded? I never did anything wrong. I am not a terrorist, so I have nothing to fear…"

    That old canard again? I don't guess a single person amongst the Millions that WWII Germany put to death thought to mention that when they and their families were being dragged off by the Gestapo. Not one of them thought to state that they were productive and patriotic citizens: Doctors, Engineers, Nurses, Musicians, Teachers, Artists, Lawyers,,,,not one of them. They must have all been guilty, right? They had nothing to fear unless they were actually guilty, right? RIGHT!?!?!

    Now go shopping and forget about it.

  7. Dominant paradigm — Dominant morality

    This tape was all about how to enlighten our public that they have been fooled into doing what is not in their best interest. The dominant paradigm being the ideology that so exceptional is our ability to compete that we have a right to enrich ourselves upon nations not so able, that so exceptional is our ability to kill in war that we have a right to police the world and to enhance our safety by destroying the safety of others.

    A fake morality surely, so why not a word about morality? Solution being to make the people feel guilty, why all the talk centered on bad government, bad media and innocent ignorance? For comes now the root cause of all guilt, what cuts you to the quick type good old fashioned guilt, for we all know a fake morality when we do it — a thing we want no one ever to make us a victim of it.

    Fundamental principle of all law, be it civil, criminal or moral,

    “No one shall enrich themselves upon the misery of another.”

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