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Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, founder of the Minaret of Freedom Institute, discusses the differences and commonalities of the three major Abrahamic religions; why Islam’s theological distinctions don’t make all Muslims into budding terrorists – despite what the Islamophobes would have you believe; the many Muslims (devout and secular alike) participating in the Arab spring movement against despotic governments – nearly all supported by the US and Israel; how Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri developed an expanded version of the Five Pillars of Islam, to include a militarized conception of jihad; and why American Muslims cherish the “land of opportunity” and certainly don’t “hate us for our [and their] freedoms.”

MP3 here. (28:41)

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D. is the President and director of the Minaret of Freedom Institute and an internationally known interdisciplinary scientist, author of Signs in the Heavens: A Muslim Astronomer’s Perspective on Religion and Science. He is a senior lecturer at the University of Maryland where he teaches courses on religion and progress and on religion, science and freedom. He also teaches a course on Islam, Science and Development at Georgetown University for the Center on Muslim-Christian Understanding.

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  1. Many thanks to Dean Ahmad: a breath of fresh air who even manages a rare plug for the work of the 'Frontier Gandhi', Abdul Ghaffar Khan.
    An entirely suitable word to describe the Muslim world's overall response to the orgy of hatred and destruction launched upon it in earnest ten years ago is 'restrained'. One and a half million people would very easily have made their presence felt to devastating effect if this were not the case.
    It was very telling, but hardly commented upon that during the recent UK riots the area where I live in inner city London got off relatively lightly. Tower Hamlets has a very large Muslim population, and it is a matter of record that we saw little of the violence and destruction happening in neighbouring boroughs. The small exception of locals who joined in the rioting will inevitably have contained some whose parents are of Bengali and Somali origin. I am 100% certain however that none of them will be people who ever go to the mosque, and are instead young people who have turned their backs on their faith. That their birth certificate describes them as 'Muslim' means nothing to them, and instead they have adopted the materialistic values of their host nation, namely gangsterism, piracy and plunder.
    That Islam is a faith which advocates for peace is an inconvenient reality to some, but as Dean Ahmad points out, while we are all entitled to our own opinions, we are not entitled to our own facts.
    Thanks again Dean, thank you Scott.

  2. This might be a good place for my to type, again, that Xtians lost the crusades and Muslims won. Xtians keep wanting a do-over, only this time it's not for holy land, but for control of oil.

      1. You need to check your historical facts. Whilst muhammad SAW was by no means a pacifist, at his death his conflicts had been limited to other Arab tribes. The Crusades were launched over a hundred years after his death, whoever started them

    1. Its equally bigotted to say that Christians (at least spell it correctly) support the actions of the US government, i see many Christians at the forefront of the peace movement. Your comment is no different to people claiming that muslims want all americans under Sharia law. The ignorance by which you speak is equal to the ignorance of the islamophobes. The crusades were just another stimulus program for the holy roman empire.

  3. Who funds Minaret of Freedom. Just asking; not implying. Scott, anytime you have a guest from some think tank, you should ask about the funding.

    1. Well, not all think tanks are pushing for war. Even if they are pushing an agenda one finds distasteful, it's important to remember this is Antiwar Radio, not Who's-Fundung-Who Radio. It is pushing a free market libertarian perspective in the Islamic community, and is funded by the usual suspects, but they aren't a bunch of war-mongers to my knowledge. Not Islamophobes, obviously. Now, since I am a free market libertarian, I am not as bothered by the agenda as you might. I'm sure Sourcewatch has data of interest. If Scott brings someone on, it's because they are opposed to war and for peace.

  4. Sorry, but this interview is a total white-wash of Islam! Neo-conservatism and Zionism should never be defended but the evils of these twin ideologies does not make Islam pure.

    Islam did, in fact, spread into the West (and the East) by war and conquest. Islam today is staggeringly intolerant. In some Moslem countries there are no Christian churches; Arabia and Afghanistan are two examples.

    The theological theories of Islam are one thing; Islam in practice is something else again. No where here does 'Dean Ahmad' address the real failings of Islam!

    1. Spaniards do not look back negatively on their history of the 800 year long occupation by Muslims of Spain. The Arabs brought the first sanitation to Europe, along with the first modern medicine, the first universities, etc. Jews, Muslim and Christians lived in peace. Indeed while the rest of Europe was living the dark ages, Muslim Spain flourished.

  5. What’s with antiwar recent love affair with Islam?

    They used to do some investigative work exposing US collusion with Muslim jihadists in the Balkans.

    He is right about Islam’s friendly relations with Judaism after all it was the Jews who opened the gates to Moorish invasion of Spain and aided the conquest of Constantinople.

    Even today Jews played senior roles in supporting Islamic separatists in Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya and other separatists in the North Caucasus and Xinjing or as US recognises it as the independent state East Turkmenistan.

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