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Mark Sheffield of the Policy on Point blog discusses his post “Arab Spring, Israeli Fall;” how Hosni Mubarak’s departure has freed Egyptians to protest against Palestinian mistreatment; the Obama administration’s demand that Egypt crack down on protesters, making it clear democracy won’t be tolerated if it is used to criticize Israel; why the rift between Turkey and Israel, the major regional powers and former close allies, is a big deal; and indications that US pro-Israel policy is getting increasingly more costly in terms of alliances and influence.

MP3 here. (18:10)

Mark Sheffield runs the Policy on Point blog.

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  1. The U.S. Government doesn't give a shit for "freedom" in the Middle East. It supported Mubarak, its bought-and-paid-for Egyptian puppet, to the last minute. Only when it was apparent that Mubarak was on the way out did the U.S. Government make noises about how the Egyptian people are fighting for freedom, blah blah blah.


    The U.S. Government's ostensible love for the Egyptian people has its limits, it seems. The Israeli Embassy in Cairo got busted up pretty good by demonstrators, all of whom hate their government's subservience to Israel. The U.S. Government, true to form, demands that the Egyptian government crack down on anti-Israeli protests.

    The U.S. Government is Israel's bitch. It hurts us around the world, and especially in the Middle East. Time to cast off Israel's puppet strings.

  2. This was an excellent interview. Thanks.

    Israel is getting pressured from many sides, even by its own citizens lately. This up and coming vote for Palestinian statehood in the UN is absolutely fascinating. And the USI is running around the world trying to influence its friends… It´s friends?

      1. He is sure giving the Netanyahu lead government one hell of a headache. He is not following Obama policy. Do you think Obama wants to be embarrassed by voting this down. The Republicans are not Palestinian. I think the whole point of this radio interview is to show that the game of US Bush-turned-Obama policy is being laid bare by the Arab Spring.

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  4. "You hear the boos when Ron Paul (at the CNN Tea Party presidential Republican debate) just says the word Palestinian acknowledging them as human beings" says Scott Horton
    I argue that a vast majority of Americans favor being foreign policy simpletons. They want one side good, and the other side bad. They do not want complexities.
    – they do not want to acknowledge
    – Turkey has been US ally ever since the Soviets conquered Nazi Germany and the Cold war face off.
    – Egypt is a youth rebellion. Yes, Islam is a part of it and yes some Islamists are extreme who want to manuever for power. They know their country better than most Americans,.
    – a minority of Palestinians are Christians
    – lots of the current right wing government of Israel is led by founder and leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, whose electoral base are the immigrants from the former Soviet Union. A large portion which who are Jewish-by-conveyance. Its a economic way to have escaped the ex-empire. History students, think of the carpetbagger northerners who temporarily over areas of the defeated Civil-War-era south
    – the cold war is over. Militarists just look for a new game to play and push influence, despite the fact that the United States is in fact, minus the military, deindustrializing.

    1. A lot of US Xtians identify the Palestinians with the OT Philistine and Canaanites. LIkewise, Americans of many sorts have identified with the OT Israelites since the earliest days of colonialism. Also, more than a few see Israelis as American settlers and Palestinians as American Indians (who ought to disappear, like the Canaanites.)

  5. Its about time Israel loses its friends,Any country that is their friend is supporting their criminal acts.I really wonder who America will side with Israel or Sadi Arabia.Its time Palistine gets statehood and Israel is forced to stop there crimes and may be held accoutable for their past crimes.American citizens most antway can see how Israel hurt their country way more then they help it.It realy is a one way road America helps Israel and gets nothing positive in return.I hope the American government Sides with the countyrs against Israel,it will not be because they are fealing sympithetic to countrys it will be because its in there interest and will still bother them to take the side of how is right.

  6. FYI it's pronounced "air-dough-an" with the vowel in "an" like the 'a' in 'wand'.
    the g is called a 'soft g' it shows that the vowel proceeding the soft g should be 1.5 times as long as a normal vowel,
    It's the same system found in Dagastan – Dahh-estan. Most central Asian Turkic countries will use this system.

  7. Big money Zionism has total control over the Israeli people.

    In light of current events is it amazing that there is no organized political call for regime change in Israel.

    The big money Zionism that controls Western governments only feeds Israeli paranoia and the destructive cycle of belligerence that it has for its neighbors.

    Big money Zionism based in Western nations is the real problem of the ME.

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