Kelley B. Vlahos


Kelley B. Vlahos, featured columnist and contributing editor for The American Conservative magazine, discusses her article “Surge Finally Getting a Second Look?” about the dawning realization in military circles that David Petraeus is a stuffed shirt and the Iraq surge didn’t really work; how the “surge” fiction was packaged and sold as a comprehensive COIN strategy (not surprisingly a failure as well); why the media will eventually realize that, since Iraq and Afghanistan are total disasters, it makes no sense to praise Petraeus for his supposed “successes;” and why Americans weren’t paying close enough attention to discriminate between correlation (the “surge” and a decline in Iraq violence) and causation (the successful Shiite purge of Sunnis from contested areas).

MP3 here. (19:53)

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos has spent over a decade as a political reporter in Washington DC. Currently, she is a contributing editor for The American Conservative magazine and its daily weblog, @TAC. She is also a Washington correspondent for the DC-based homeland security magazine, Homeland Security Today, a long-time political writer for, a regular columnist for and a contributor to

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  1. Listening to this it makes me wonder what's the pt. of all the secrecy since it appears that neither the media or the public are really paying attention anyway – I should have said – really care anyway.

  2. It may be time to eliminate the Joint Chiefs of Staff and create a new cabinet post to control the Defense Department: "Surge-On General"..?

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