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Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses his article “Tapping the Israeli Embassy” about what Shamai Leibowitz learned while working as an FBI counterintelligence translator; the allied groups that make up the “Bomb Iran” lobby; catching Jane Harman and an unnamed congressman from Indiana acting like Israeli operatives; and how Israel’s “perception management” campaign makes Americans believe Iran is a dire threat and must be defeated in war.

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Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and executive director of the Council for the National Interest. He writes regularly for

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  1. Were only the decision-makers possessed of a mindset that is Dr. Phil Giraldi. Always expounding upon foreign policy imperatives based on excellent investigation, analysis and articulation.

    As Dr. Giraldi has so eloquently stated, our uncritical defense of Israel promoted by AIPAC lobbyists and unchallenged by spineless and or a U.S. Congress for sale, remains the root cause of anti-Americanism around the globe.

    1. The U.S. Congress–aka Knesset West, aka the Parliament of Whores–is the best that money can buy. It's owned by everyone except–well, the American people.

    1. It hasn't begun yet because too much unpredictability is involved in the military's calculations on how the war will play out militarily. It was easy to attack a country with an agrarian economy like Afghanistan that has no national army to defend itself. It was easy to destroy Saddam Hussein's Iraq because it had been sanctioned into defenselessness and had all of its WMD, or better put, its capacity to produce WMD of any sort, destroyed. Iraq also didn't have an effective Navy or an Air Force.

      But Iran is an entirely different beast. First off, it almost definitely has WMD in the form of chemical and biological weapons. Most major American military bases are in the range of their missiles which can simply be mass fired to avoid anti-missile shields which don't even that well anyway. Parts of Israel fall into Iran's missile range as well. I think that it takes only tens of minutes if not less for a missile to travel that far. Iran is very skilled in asymmetrical warfare because it understands that some parts of their military are no match for their American and Israeli counterparts. Keep in in mind that Hezbollah won their last war against Israel which lasted for a month. The Israelis were forced to leave Lebanon. Hezbollah's forces number about 1,000 and by using asymmetrical warfare they defeated one of the best armies in the world. Iran is a country composed of tens of millions of people and contrary to the garbage that the US media says most of the people support the Iranian government and not the Green movement. The Iranians fought the Iraqis for a decade and lost millions of people in that war. Do you think that they are just going to give up fighting against America and Israel after all that those two countries did to them? Of course not, and they will probably fight them to the last drop of blood.

      The supreme leader in Iran also made clear that if the Israel/US attacks Iran the war won't be confined to Iran meaning that American interests all over the world would be targeted….I can go on a lot longer, but I think it should be obvious by now that a war with Iran would have too many uncertain consequences in terms of damage done to the US, troop casualties, possible use of WMD, etc. That's why I think that the war hasn't started despite all of the threats.

    2. The war with Iran has not and will not start because the moment it does Israel becomes an ashtray.

      Look at Lebanon – the US's favorite rump bump chump and the US War Usury's most productive "loss leader", Israel, had front line American Genocide Machines at its disposal, they got a billion plus in grants to pay for US cluster bombs and ended up with the IDF getting their weekend warrior butts handed to to them on a platter by a ragtag Lebanese militia.

      Israel's purpose is to market war. Israel does not have the heart of a warrior, unless one believes jackbooting some half starved Gazan grandmother sleeping in the rubble of a home her family had owned for generations is what "real" warriors do.

  2. The 'Master Race' in Israel will eventually involve the stupid 'goyim' of the US in yet another costly war to benefit Israel – this time with Iran.
    AIPAC is an organization of TRAITORS to the US.
    The Congress is yet another organization of TRAITORS to the US.

  3. I suspect that Israel will attack someone very soon because they do not want the United Nation vote. They are very good at attacking someone and in tears saying see we are not safe. Israel is a hugh military power thanks to the overly giving US congress. There is no one going to give Israel a problem with a gun.

  4. Iran is a subject that U.S, will simply not take yes for an answer. Like Palestine, Cuba, Haiti, and a few other examples I can't think of right now. For awhile Reagan would not take yes for an answer from Gorbachev, but Gorby won that arm wrestling contest in the final analysis. Not that you'd know that by reading U.S. accounts.

    1. Nice to hear from you, Dubya. How's the "rhinestone cowboy" doing these days, anyway?

      To answer your question: Dubya, I just don't know. Why the hell Israel–nuclear-armed, awash in American money, arms, and diplomatic support–should fear Iran is something you'll have to ask your chickenhawk buddies.

    2. Three words, Military Industrial Complex, America is not the only state with one. Why is the American Empire (officially) afraid of what is in my underpants and in my shoes. If you have learnt to read since leaving office, i suggest you consider reading 1984, or even better read the book you supposedly believe in. Try Isaiah 24:20 Mans hearts will fail them for fear(terror). In the latter days we will go to war over fear. FDR put it well when he said The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Well that day is hear we are afraid that they might make us afraid. courage and leadership have been whipped out and are now extinct and right Dubya it wasnt caused by global warming.

  5. Israel practices lying and deception on a grand scale. It's what that country is all about. (Of course, the U.S. Government isn't a hell of a lot better, is it?!)

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