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Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, discusses why the Jose Padilla case may be the most important of our lifetimes; how Americans lost most of their Constitutional protections against government abuses, thanks to runaway Executive branch power and a deferential Congress and court system; why the “no touch” sensory deprivation treatment of Padilla qualifies as torture and probably made him crazy; the curious timing of John Ashcroft’s ballyhooed “dirty bomb” allegations against Padilla – right after Coleen Rowley blew the whistle on FBI failures before 9/11; why an appeals court deemed Padilla’s seventeen year prison sentence too lenient; and the similarities between the collection of US national security laws imposed since 9/11 and Egypt’s emergency law.

MP3 here. (19:56)

Jacob G. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is a regular writer for The Future of Freedom Foundation’s publication, Freedom Daily, and is a co-editor or contributor to the eight books that have been published by the Foundation.

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  1. The US government is by orders of magnitude the largest criminal organization in existence today. They, not al Quaeda, are America's largest threat.

  2. Thanks for the analysis.
    I must recommend Ibsen’s The Wild Duck
    and the concept of Lebenslüge to Mr. Hornberger. There never was any substantial difference between US, USSR, or any Middle Eastern countries. All the difference was on the surface, COSMETIC!

  3. They already have the power to do it. All we're waiting on is the event that triggers the pilot lights on the ovens…The plight of this unfortunate man is something we should all become very familiar with. We may find ourselves in the very same position, without rights, without recourse, without hope: Los Desaparecidos.

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