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Independent investigative journalist Joe Lauria discusses Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s request for full UN membership during his speech to the General Assembly; how most media coverage has failed to distinguish between statehood (some 130 countries already recognize Palestine) and the various degrees of UN membership; charting Palestine’s options and chances of success in the Security Council and General Assembly; how Palestine’s upgrade to “observer state” would grant them access to the International Criminal Court and sovereign control of their territorial waters – two things Israel’s defenders want to avoid; and why European countries may eventually take over the “honest broker” role, played so poorly by the US for decades.

MP3 here. (17:49)

Joe Lauria is a New York-based independent investigative journalist. A freelance member of the Sunday Times of London Insight team, he has also worked on investigations for the Boston Globe and Bloomberg News. Joe’s articles have additionally appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Montreal Gazette, The Johannesburg Star, The Washington Times, New York Magazine, ARTnews and other publications.

7 thoughts on “Joe Lauria”

  1. Wow!!! Historic developments. Palestinians go from observers atatus to observer state after more than 60 years. That's real progress. NOT.

    As for laws, they are ONLY for losers. So let Palestinians bring all the "legal" actions they want & nothing will happen. Netty-guy will travel freely wherever he wants & no one will detain him.

    1. I think it shows up the Obama Administered U.S at a minimum when the US has to decide if it really can afford to be the world's policeman (esp with tainted policies. )

  2. What is this talk about dismantling settlements in the future? All settlements are the property of the owners, they are on Palestinian property. Palestine needs to force settlers out of the state of Palestine, with their furniture and personal belongings. Those settlements can then be taken over for use of Palestinians who have had their homes confiscated and repatriated Palestinians from all over the world. And then live in peace.

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